Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Is Charlie Crist The Future Of The Democratic Party?

If you accurately read Charlie Crist's fortune in 2008, don't sell that crystal ball. A sitting GOP governor in good standing with his party would seek his state's Senate nomination two years later. He would be defeated by a Tea Party darling in the primaries and would run--and lose--as an independent in the general election.

Crist then joins the Democratic Party and is their gubernatorial candidate in 2014. In a Republican wave election, Crist lost to an incumbent by one percentage point. This would have been the best comeback since Richard Nixon, if not Lazarus. Crist might also be a harbinger.

The Dems have a weak bench. The Republicans are mostly RINO's, many of whom are on borrowed time. Boehner and Graham and McCain to name but a few have more in common with the people across the aisle than they have with their own party base. Can you hear the wedding bells?

Nature abhors a vacuum. Don't be surprised if the Dems start looking a lot like the Republican Party of a decade ago.

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Hoosierman said...

Remember when Carville said the Republicans were destined to be a regional party. Jim Webb-Virginia Martin O'Malley- Maryland, Joe Biden-Deleware, Hillary Clinton- New York, Elizabeth Warren- Mass. Weak bench! the should call themselves the seaboard party.