Friday, March 6, 2015

Hillary Saga Is Unbelievable

I have to skip over the Hillary email story for a while because I am hearing stories that just are not credible. Originally, we were told that she was conducting State Department official business using a private email address. This is Richard Windsor sort of stuff.

Then we were told that Hills used a private server to conduct SOME of her official State Department business. Think Richard Windsor on a much larger scale.

Now we are being told that the H-Bomb conducted ALMOST ALL of her State Department communications from her own domain for seven years. And no one noticed? I'm not familiar with the mechanics of Washington but don't Senators and Congressmen and military personnel and for that matter, the White House, sometimes email The Secretary of State? And it is not until 2015 that they notice that they were NOT corresponding with (or whatever the address happens to be) ?

Again, this is not EPA or FEE or some agency of dubious merit. This is the State Department, not exactly an expendable operation. Not even Ron Paul proposed doing away with the State Department. The CIA did not notice the irregularity? NSA? DIA? Either we have entered an Art Bell world where our government has gone dark on us--The White House, the State Department, Defense and Intelligence and the legislative branch have opted out of oversight. Or the other possibility is that Hillary's subterfuge has been exaggerated.

I don't know if we will ever know the truth about our rogue Secretary. If she stays in the good graces of the White House, this too shall pass. Just one more Benwhatsy, Fast and Forgettable, Lois Who? If they start awarding a Nobel Prize for stonewalling, this administration will claim the first prize. The Secretary's secret emails will be just more Rose Law Firm stuff. Something for the trivia buffs but not something that might influence an election.

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