Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2014

The State Of The Resistance Movement

I stated before that Democrats measure success differently than people who advance principle. They win an election and it's Super Bowl, Academy Awards and Judgement Day all rolled into one. The rest of us--Republicans, conservatives, independents, people with Kool-Aid allergies--we celebrate with a sigh of relief. We know betrayal is right around the corner. The greater evil has been temporarily thwarted. Prepare yourself for Mini Me.

Boehner and company would not disappoint. He could have passed a continuing resolution for two or three months and let the new Congress have their say. Nope. The CRomnibus sold us out till next autumn. With friends like the Speaker, who needs enemies?

The Obama Administration tries to demoralize us but they have not succeeded. Every other day there is a scandal, a Gruber video, a terrorist swap, an assault on the First Amendment, bureaucratic overreach, executive overreach and on and on and on. They might have succeeded in exhausting us but they failed to demoralize us.

Boehner on the other hand succeeds where the administration failed. We knew we would have to fight two fights and it wouldn't be easy. For me, it is hard to recharge the batteries. I don't feel defeated by the GOP but I do feel deflated. I am not the only one.

Sadly, we cannot close the books on Obama just yet. The religiosity of all things Obama is alive and well. It is as frightening as it has ever been. More about that in future posts if I can muster the resolve to address the matter.

Meanwhile, we have to rethink the resistance movement. If the choice is Democrats who are with us 5% of the time and Republicans who are with us 15% of the time, hello Senator Ayotte. But we can do better. We can do better or else die trying. We have nothing to lose.