Saturday, December 13, 2014

Feinstein Fiasco Creates Diversion Not Discontent

It did what it was supposed to do. The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence distracted us first from Jonathan Gruber's testimony and later from one more Republican sell-out of the people who voted for them.
One last little diversion to get us to the holidays. Mission accomplished.

If Feinstein's report was also supposed to incite civil discontent, it failed in that endeavor. Outside the Beltway and CNN studios the scandal sheet would be met with a giant, "So what?" I don't foresee a lot of mini Fergusons breaking out over Khalid Shakes Who? I don't foresee angry people with American flags hanging out on overpasses demanding the prosecution of Dick Cheney. I don't foresee tens of thousands of bikers descending on our nation's capitol to vent their anger over how many Ensures a blubber ass terrorist can suck down. I don't foresee work stoppages or strikes. Not even the amazingly pliable Occupy crowd can be herded up for this one. Will anyone even send an email on the formerly-rotund killer's behalf? Maybe after the New Year. Maybe not.

This might not be a free lunch for the Democrats. The word of the day is pushback as in the CIA is going to pushback on this fairy tale and expose one more Democrat-advanced Gruberism. We might have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and an even happier new year. Ho. Ho. Ho.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Very Worst Abuses Uncovered By Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Executive Summary

Two psychologists were paid $81 million to develop the CIA's Enhanced Interrogation Program.

"By 2006, one year after Mitchell, Jessen & Associates was founded, the value of their base contract was “in excess of $180 million,” Senate investigators found. All told, the CIA has spent $81 million on the company’s contract. Some went directly for interrogation services, in amounts that caught the eyes of CIA professionals."

The bloated contract was terminated in 2009. Until now I had not thought of the Obama Administration as fiscal watchdogs. If only they had been as vigilant elsewhere.

I would like to state that I am not even a little bit concerned about the comfort of Khalid Sheik Mohammad. If he was deprived of shut eye, oh use both of us losing sleep over his treatment. Reminds me of when they were going to execute Ted Bundy. All my life I had been an opponent of capital punishment. Bundy changed that. I was not going to be manipulated by the compassion freaks. If I was going to shed tears it would be for the bacteria I killed when I flushed the toilet, not for Ted Bundy. He was such a great poster child for capital punishment and I have been a proponent of that barbaric practice ever since Bundy.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed is the perfect poster child for torture, or if we must, enhanced interrogation. He has helped me to pivot and evolve on that particular subject. But let's talk about abuse and torture inflicted on the American taxpayer. $81 million! We could have gotten a couple of Chicago detectives for a fraction of that cost. They have been great at extracting confessions from both the guilty and the innocent going back decades. They would have gotten Khalid to talk for a couple of bottles of Scotch.

$81 million! Why is no one talking about this abuse? Oh the humanity!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Where the Boys Are - UVA

If, God forbid, I were a student on UVA campus they would learn what sexism is real quickly. As long as men act like boys they can expect to be treated  as props in perverse morality plays. They have ceded far too much to the politically correct, publicly funded radical agenda of the left. They should use the current uproar as a teachable moment, something that seems to be so dear to the hearts of the left, to illustrate what true sexism looks like. With only a few participants and a minimum of cash they could begin by demanding that the resignation of UVA President Teresa Sullivan. The Republicans hold a sizable majority in the Virginia House of Delegates so they would have some leverage. The could also contact the alumnus and ask that they withhold any donations until Sullivan leaves.
If a large number of men act like men for a change the fight could be won rather quickly but failing to attract a large portion of the student base they could begin by setting up an off campus web site that would:
  • Demand the school bestow a baccalaureate degree on Bill Cosby.
  • Market Teresa Sullivan approved knee pads.
  • Demand the banning of the sale of Rolling Stone Magazine on campus.
  • As the Charlottesville Police Dept has decided to put its dog in the fight by announcing an investigation, the movement should announce an investigation of the Charlottesville Police Dept. All police departments have high divorce rates and most divorce proceeding are public records. Talk to their ex-wives. Ex-es say the damnedest things. Publish salacious details online.
  • Raise enough money to conduct a similar investigations of Rolling Stone. Probe into every employee's personal life for embarrassing incidents.
  • Demand the University establish a false rape allegation crisis line.
  • Demand the University establish a Male Studies Department for Normal People.
  • Establish a Mike Nifong Award to be bestowed on gullible faculty and administrators.
If the men of UVA continue to ac like boys they deserve everything they get.