Friday, November 7, 2014

Obama On Course To Damage His Party More Than Nixon Damaged His

Richard Nixon, Superstar. The most widely read post at this blog is one where I make the case that Richard Nixon is the worst president in US History.

What I could have added to that brief summary of the Nixon Administration is the damage he did to his own political party. Had Nixon not tarnished the GOP brand the Republican Party might have served as a counter balance to what would become the implementation of an extremist Democratic Party agenda. Had Nixon spread competent leadership and integrity our cities might not have fallen into ruin. Our schools might still educate. Traditional American values might still be respected.

Disgusted with a corrupt and incompetent president, the 1974 midterm elections resulted in a Democratic tsunami. They held the majority of House seats going into the election, with 242, They would pick up 49 additional seats on November 4 of that year. 

Among the 49 were Henry Waxman, who is serving his final term forty years later. Tom Harkin, who would move up to the Senate in 1985 and will retire this year. Max Baucus, our current ambassador to China who would move up to the Senate in 1978 and remained there until he was appointed to his current position in 2014. Also, Patrick Leahy was elected to the Senate that night. Waxman won by a landslide but the other three luminaries in the making won tight races aided by anti-Nixon sentiment.

One of the most reassuring facets of this past Tuesday's election is that honesty and integrity still matter to most Americans. Obama's administrative record was on the ballot but so too was his malignant personality, widespread corruption and ongoing abuses of power. Hobby Lobby was on the ballot. So too was Lois Lerner. As in 1974, America voted against the crook.

How's this for a stunning Before and After?

You can make an airtight case to a Democrat that Obama is damaging our country and if they don't laugh in your face, they will yawn or walk away. But tell them Obama is damaging their precious Democratic Party and you have their undivided attention.

In my lifetime places like New York and Vermont were once red states. More than anyone else, Richard Nixon turned them blue. As we speak, there are no deep blue states. There are only red states and purple states. Two thirds of the state chambers will be controlled by Republicans and the other third are vulnerable in 2016. Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois all elected Republican governors three days ago. Can anyone see a trend here?

Nixon was the gift that kept on giving. Does anyone think Jimmy Carter would have won in 1976 had he followed a sterling performance by the Nixon Administration? Nixon's resignation in 1974 might have stopped the bleeding but the patient was wounded and weary, He still has not fully recovered.

I can't see Obama resigning. The conspiracy theories I used to dismiss outright, that he would create some chaos to extend his two terms now seem possible. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party continues its slide. Remember when Barack Obama said we were just days away from fundamentally transforming America? Who knew how ironically prophetic that prediction would turn out to be?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rasmussen Reports Spins Their Bad Results

Greg Orman/Pat Roberts will go down in the annals of bad polling. Rasmussen had Orman up five points. He lost by eleven.

When you get past the spin, you will see some bad results by Rasmussen.

I only learned a few weeks ago that Scott Rasmussen sold his interest in Rasmussen Reports in 2013.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Great Sharyl Attkisson Interview In Hollywood Reporter

I can almost spell her name.

Who did you tell at CBS that your computers were hacked?

The first person I spoke to was Washington bureau chief Chris Isham.

Did he believe you?

He appeared to.

Did CBS care? Did they do anything about it?

God, you know, there’s a lot of people there. He seemed to care. He hired a separate computer forensics firm to look at the computers. They, too, agreed that there had been highly sophisticated remote intrusion of my computers. They decided to dig deeper and embark upon a process that spanned a number of months, during which time the situation with the Associated Press and the government spying on Fox News reporter James Rosen was disclosed, as well as Edward Snowden’s NSA information.

Did they ever find out who hacked your computers and spied on you?

I don’t believe their computer forensics team concluded who spied on me.

Did they ask anybody in the Obama administration if they were the culprits?

Not to my knowledge. Executives discussed with me that they assumed that was the case. And we discussed how to proceed with that information and what we could do about it.

So what did you do about it?

Election Eve Document Dump

 in response to an Order from a Federal judge, the Department of Justice turned over 64,280 pages of documents that were withheld from Congress after President Obama asserted Executive Privilege on the eve of a contempt citation for Attorney General Eric Holder in June 2012.  The sheer volume of last night’s document production—which consists entirely of documents that the Justice Department itself acknowledges are not covered by Executive Privilege—shows that the President and the Attorney General attempted to extend the scope of the Executive Privilege well beyond its historical boundaries to avoid disclosing documents that embarrass or otherwise implicate senior Obama Administration officials.

What Now, Obama?

I expect the president to acknowledge a shellacking this afternoon and then go back to promoting his radical agenda by executive order and more covertly through bureaucratic initiative. This is a man who can brook no dissent. The welfare of Americans is secondary to his wishes. The welfare of America is secondary to his wishes. Even the welfare of the Democratic Party is secondary to his wishes.

A lot of Democrats had their careers ended by Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton might sit with Evan Bayh and Mark Pryor and Anthony Brown and Russ Feingold in the Martha Coakley Suite when all is said and done. Coakley was collateral damage in 2010 and again in 2014. She is just one more pawn to Obama. So is everyone else for that matter.

As we speak, I bet the Democratic brain trust is begging you know who to tone it down in the next two years. Don't do anything rash. Puppies and kittens in the Rose Garden. That sort of thing.

Barack Obama loves chaos. He loves crisis. As president he is still a community organizer, trying hard to disrupt anything harmonious. Look for more expressions of creative grievance. Look for more turmoil. Yesterday's elections will be seen as the actions of an unappreciative mob. Who are they to mock their leader?

Lame duck presidency? I don't think so.

The Big Losers: Pollsters

Political polling isn't easy, I will concede that. Meteorology can also be challenging. A weatherman might overstate a blizzard but if he overlooks a Cat 5 hurricane, he should consider a career change.

Pat Roberts was in a statistical dead heat with Greg Orman. Roberts won by eleven points.

Tillis was losing to Hagan. He won by two points.

Perdue was not going to reach 50%. He got 53%.

McConnell was supposed to be in a tussle. He won by sixteen points.

Cuomo was supposed to win by a landslide. He got 54%.

Did they even poll Gillespie-Warner? What about the Maryland governor's race? I don't recall anyone saying Hogan by nine.

The pollsters called New Hampshire races correctly even though the governor's race was closer than predicted. They got the Massachusetts governor's race on target. They called Michigan, Ohio, California, New Mexico, South Carolina and Hawaii. Guess they can still shoot fish in a barrel some of the time.

The Rush Limbaughs will tell us the polls understated GOP leads to encourage Democrats. He might be right. Of course, not every pollster is driven by ideology. Professional reputations are on the line. If a balance of power has shifted, it shifted most dramatically in the pollster arena.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Exhaling After Six Years

At some point Dems have got to acknowledge that BHO is a joke. He is not the second coming of Bill Clinton. He is not even the second coming of Jimmy Carter. This election is less about ideology or values than the acknowledgement that Barack Hussein Obama is a terrible president. The prank is over. This buffoon was never qualified for public office at any level much less the presidency.

The buffoon in question not only damaged his country, he also destroyed his political party. The Democratic brand is tarnished and we all know who did the damage. The Republicans will be running against Obama for decades to come.

This might not be as dramatic as 2010 but tonight will ripple much longer. I don't think Dems realize what an albatross they have around their neck. Does anyone think the GOP would take the Massachusetts governorship without an assist from Barack Obama? This is supposedly a deep blue state. Hello Governor Baker.

Does anyone think Hogan (who?) would win the governorship of Maryland if Barack Obama and his sour milk personality, and his arrogance and his conceit and and his ineptitude were not on the ballot? HOGAN WON BY 10 POINTS IN A BLUE STATE IN A RACE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO LOSE BY A LANDSLIDE!!! But....This was one of the few places where Barack Obama made a campaign stop. He sunk the ship for his preferred candidate. Assist to Obama.

Does anyone think Zeldin would defeat Bishop on Long Island without an assist from Barack Obama? There will be more Dem defeats to talk about in the coming months. We are still tabulating the upsets. This really was a referendum on Barack Obama. What a farce!

Monday, November 3, 2014

O'Keefe Encore: More Voter Fraud In North Carolina

James O'Keefe shows how to vote twenty times in North Carolina.


O'Keefe Does It Again: Voter Fraud In The Tarheel State


Goober Versus Goliath

Will The Party of Stupid defeat the Party of Evil? Will the Silent Majority come roaring back? We will find out tomorrow.

I can predict football games with about 70% accuracy. Basketball games around 80%. Throw in point spreads and I can still do 53% in both categories. But ask me to predict an election? I am clueless.

What will people talk about on Wednesday? I am hoping voter fraud will not be the topic of the day but in parts of the country, it will be the entree.

I will vote tomorrow.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Maybe The Honeymoon Is Over After All

I suspect she is an outlier. Obots practice unconditional love for heir messiah and cannot be bothered with facts.


Death by firing squad - in Saginaw, Michigan

Milton Hall was 49 years old in 2012 when he was gunned down by 6 police officers. He was armed with a small penknife. Police fired 47 rounds 14 of which struck Mr. Hall killing him instantly. Like many victims of police violence he had a history of mental illness. When Saginaw, Michigan authorities could find no fault with its police and the firing squad execution of a virtually unarmed man the DOJ investigated. In February Eric Holder's Department of Justice announced that its investigators failed to find “sufficient evidence of willful misconduct” to prosecute the officers. WTF? Is this the same Eric Holder who rushed to Ferguson? Situational ethics? Hell, this is cold blooded murder and the nation's top cop would rather spend his time investigating a shooting where the facts are unclear and the victim was at least partially culpable.

I might add this is dash cam footage the ACLU obtained through a FOIA request. Much is made of the need for body cams but if those viewing the evidence are willfully blind all the electronics in the world will not help.

Ruby Ridge revisited

I stumbled across this video produced by the New York Times in one of its momentary lapses into sanity. Actually it's one of the best presentations I've seen on the subject.