Saturday, October 18, 2014

Are Big Media And Hollywood Lining Up To Apologize to George Bush?

"Bush Lied. People Died." WRONG! Bush did not lie about weapons of mass destruction, including uranium that was likely procured from Niger. Iraq, so it seems, was a reservoir for chemical weapons. Saddam Hussein might have provided Assad with sarin and mustard gas as well.

Yes, the evil George Bush told the truth about Iraq which is more than we can say for every major news outlet. And it turns out it was not "all about oil." Did we see even a drop of Iraqi crude? Had it been all about petro ISIS might never have become oil barons and we would all be better off for their impoverishment. Don't guess Bush will get an apology for the oil piracy charge either.

Never underestimate the Hive's capacity for hate or their contempt for truth. Whatever talents you might possess you will never lie or hate like Ed Schulz or Al Franken or Sean Penn. Leave those pursuits to the masters.

Bush was a profligate spender whose loyalties seemed to be more with the Beltway than with Main Street. He expanded federal influence in an imprudent if not reckless manner. And W helped create a housing bubble and knew not what to do when it burst. But George Bush was also an honorable man and a patriot. We always knew that.

Anyone want to apologize to George W. Bush? Chris? Keith? Maureen? Oliver? Anyone?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Crossroads For America Jean Shaheen Ad

I don't know if this will unseat the popular incumbent but it is a clever ad.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Conspiracy In Plain View

We do not litigate against nor prosecute public officials for the lawful execution of their duties. we threw every ex-politician or bureaucrat in jail for actions we dislike, no one would ever perform public service. Bye bye republic.

Governor Rick Perry has been indicted of bogus charges by a corrupt prosecutor in an act of blatant corruption. His crime is defunding a pet program, something he is legally entitled to do. It is no coincidence that Perry is a front runner for the presidency in 2016 anymore than it is coincidence that Governor Scott Walker was subject to a bogus John Doe grand jury. Walker emerged squeaky clean but the witch hunt might have destroyed his campaign for re-election.

Ultimately, Perry will probably be pardoned by Governor Abbott shortly after he takes office. It is doubtful if enough voters will stand with Wendy to prevent this action. Of course, the bogus indictment will be used against Perry when he runs in 2016.

This is not rough and tumble politics. Filing false charges is a criminal offense. This is not your father's Democratic Party. They are a bunch of thugs. This is a conspiracy in plain view, roaring down Main Street louder than a Shriner drum and bugle corps. This is what fundamental change to America looks like.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dems Give Up On Grimes

The Dems are throwing in the towel on Alison Lundergan Grimes. If you are rooting for McConnell don't pop the cork just yet. Despite his incumbency and a 2 to 1 money advantage, Mitch just cannot seem to close the deal. 116 of 120 counties for Romney, War on Coal, Grimes' pleading the 5th on her voting record, and it is still a tight race.

Barack Obama Distilled To One Minute

Thanks to TeaPartyAtPerrrysburg for bringing this to my attention. Some great comments follow this video at YouTube. We have never seen a compulsive liar as brazenly dishonest as BHO. Never! No close seconds.