Saturday, August 9, 2014

Will Obama Resign So That President Biden Could Then Pardon Him?

President Obama hates presiding. He doesn't seem to be attracted to work in any sense of the word and he is especially resistant to struggle. The give and take of what we usually think of as governance does not interest Barack Obama in the least. His cult-leader personality cannot tolerate the slightest disagreement.

Coupled with Barack Obama's aversion to opposition is his Creosotian hunger for adulation. Some observers call it a sickness or a personality disorder and I for one happen to think those pundits make some good points. We have never before witnessed a president so committed to fund-raising and the rock star treatment that exercise provides. Truth is, Candidate Obama has never stopped campaigning. He has never geared down his self-promotion rallies that started in 2007. A lame duck, low-approval president does not seem a likely barnstormer. Yet, the Hope and Change Review keeps right on playing to smaller, more select, more refined audiences.

The God Complex carries with it a contempt for rules and laws. There is some concern that Barack Obama will attempt a third presidential term by whatever means necessary--martial law, a new civil war, widespread terrorism. Whatever it takes. That sort of chatter used to sound like talk radio paranoia. But a president who dismisses multiple serious scandals as "phony" and who publicly claims "there is not a smidgen of corruption" as the Department of Justice conspicuously sidesteps investigations is capable of just about anything.

Despite Barack Obama's absurd sense of entitlement, reason might prevail. Advisers might see the White House being won by either the GOP or possibly worse for Obama, Hillary Clinton. The Republicans may or may not like Obama but the Clintons utterly despise the man. It would surprise no one if Hillary strived to earn some reform cred by mounting a few heads of wayward party members. Attorney General Cuccinelli or Attorney General Gowdy might offer a rosier future to former IRS and DOJ employees than would a friend of Hill and Bill. "Step aside, Mr. President, so that Joe can give you that blanket pardon."

The two-jet Obama Family loves the perks of the presidency and they would no doubt experience some difficulty adjusting to the lifestyle of the merely rich and famous. Of course, if the GOP takes The Senate the job might become intolerable for the president. After years of complaining about a do-nothing Congress, the Oval Office could be swamped with literally hundreds of bills that he will want to veto. Keep in mind, Harry Reid has eased the rules on cloture so the floodgates might open wide and wider. A president allergic to work and dissent might tell us that he is ready for bigger and better things. Huffington Post would then tell us Barack Obama was bored with the job because he is just too damn smart.

Should President Biden extend a blanket pardon it would be accompanied by vague references to national security. Perhaps our beloved ex-president was a little too zealous in his killing of Osama Bin Laden and his bountiful patriotism runneth over at other times in the noble defense of his country...Vice President Warren would nod and smile at all the right times.

A resignation will offer strategic advantages to the Obama Wing of the Democratic Party. Biden will be able to run with the enormous advantage incumbency provides. Elizabeth Warren will be introduced to a national audience. The Obama legacy will not be stained by impeachment proceedings or something even more serious. Most importantly, Barack Obama will still be a viable rainmaker unencumbered by convictions.

The Obama end game is intriguing. There are a lot of plates in the air. The normal, subdued passing of the torch is the only thing that would surprise me.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Football, Head Injuries And Moral Hazard


Monday, August 4, 2014

CEO's To Obama: You Still Don't Get It

There might be a sea change at CNBC. Don't think we would get this kind of reporting when Jeffrey Immelt was hovering above the crew.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Is Barack Obama A Psychopath?

"American Thinker" usually lives up to its reputation for thought-provocation. On August 2 they produced eight articles. Two of the articles (Obama's Inexplicable Love for the Dark Side and The Road to Pathocracy) dealt with personality disorders and Barack Obama. To balance their perspective they also submit an article entitled The Sins of Psychotherapism. All are worth reading, by the way.

Speculating as to what is wrong with the president is becoming a national pastime. Not everyone is singing from the Vaknin songbook. For a multitude of reasons (compulsive lying, "I am really good at killing people," ongoing displays of self-pity, the inability to tolerate even the slightest disagreement or dissent) people are asking "What exactly is wrong with this guy?"

I did a Google search, "Is Barack Obama a Psycopath."  What happens with a lot of subjects is they get mentioned by a somewhat busy website and then searches are clogged by Salon refuting the idea, Slate dismissing the author, HuffPo gives their two cents worth, Daily Beast comments on it and so on. Interesting, original perspective gets buried. This particular subject is not there yet.

If you duplicate this search you will discover a broad spectrum of thought from a wide swath of humanity. I won't summarize the findings because Google already gives a one or two sentence blurb. What is interesting is that more and more people are independently asking the same question: Is Barack Obama a psychopath?