Saturday, July 26, 2014

Police respond to report of noisy bird.

Somehow I don't we can assume we are getting the entire story here. How many people who are awaken in the middle of the night have the presence of mind to grab a cell and start recording? That said what kind of bird brained police department responds to a complaint of a squawking bird? At least that didn't shoot it.

North Pacific Garbage To Unseat Global Warming As New Science Hoax?

That global warming filament stills flickers but it might be time to upgrade to a fancy curlycue reading light. NPR et al, have reported on a giant plastic killing field twice the size of Texas that swirls around a vortex, wreaking havoc on marine life. The Pacific Garbage Patch might generate funds long after we have entered a new ice age.

For a moment, let us suppose that there really is a sheet of plastic, twice the size of Texas floating around in international waters. There could be a platinum lining to this story as the following videos illustrate.




Thursday, July 24, 2014

An apology for Matt Bevin

I owe Matt Bevin an apology. I refused to go along with the national Tea Party groups and instead wrote several post favorable to Mitch McConnell which I don't regret. I was wrong when I wrote that should he lose the primary we would never hear from him again. Rather than fading into the background Bevin is determined to win the Kentucky House of Representative for the Republicans, something that has been done since the 1920's. His fund raising email contained a list of 4 conservative candidates for the Kentucky House. He appears to be a team player after all!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dr. Gary North's Take On Marx

As mentioned previously, I am a big fan of Gary North. As with Sowell and Peter Schiff, I shy away from posting too much by North because almost everything he does is worth reposting. This is long but it is interesting. North talks about Marx but then segues into liberation theology. If you have 47 minutes...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Did The Clintons Get David Shuster Fired? They Can't Be All Bad

On the heels of Ed Klein's "Blood Feud" Daniel Halper brings us "Clinton, Inc."  Sounds juicy.

One of the revelations is that Hills and Bills used their clout toget smart ass MSNBC host, David Shuster fired. Shuster was by any standard, a joke. He made lewd comments about Chelsea Clinton because she had the audacity to support her mother in a primary battle against Shuster's deity, Barack Obama.

As I understand it, the Clintons' people posed as a prospective employer who floated riches innumerable to the cutie pie of the cheerleader squad. Shuster took the bait and his job-trolling was reported to MSNBC.

Journalism needs to prune the tree. It is not a 1st Amendment violation to purge liars and cheesy propagandists. And save a few tears for those not named David Shuster. He landed on his feet at Al-Jazeera.


Like a lot of Oboys, Shuster held an irrational hatred of Sarah Palin. Even after the election, he could not curb his hate.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Yet Another Portrait In Hope And Change


Scott Brown, Charlie Baker, New Hampshire, Massachusetts

Politicians, like generals and coaches and CEO's, sometimes over-think a problem. In the words of Jerry Brown, sometimes less is more.

Whoever advised Scott Brown to abandon Massachusetts to pursue a Senate seat in New Hampshire should be sued for malpractice. First, the strategizing confirms the image of Scott Brown being all about Scott. Robert Kennedy and Hillary might get away with moving to New York to launch their careers but this is a different can of worms.

Simply put, Scott Brown's seat-shopping could hurt his career both long-term and short-term. Scott Brown made a respectable showing against Elizabeth Warren in 2012. Warren rode Obama's coattails which is to say she was probably aided and abetted by illegal immigrants, multistate voters, repeat voters and the deceased. Those demographics tend to stay home in off-year elections.

Should Scott Brown win his primary--and that is not a given--he will square off against Jean Shaheen, a Senator who has maintained her popularity despite callously inflicting Obamacare on her populace. Had Brown stayed in Massachusetts, he would have faced zero primary challenges and would have squared off against the fossilized Ed Markey. Even in deep blue Massachusetts Markey is viewed with suspicion. He is best remembered as a term limit advocate who stayed in Congress for roughly a millenium. Markey would be easier than Shaheen, hands down.

Then there is the top of the ticket, a factor Brown's brain trust should be familiar with after 2012. In New Hampshire the GOP gubernatorial candidates trail incumbent Maggie Hassan by over twenty points. In Massachusetts, Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley are in a dead heat.

Charlie Baker could be the next Mitt Romney (if that sounds like a left-handed compliment, well...) He narrowly lost the governor's race against incumbent Deval Patrick in 2010. The Dems ran a fiscal conservative (State Treasurer Tim Cahill) as an independent (and then pursued corruption charges against the former treasurer as a sign of gratitude) and were able to siphon off enough votes to assure Patrick's re-election.

Meanwhile the RINO's are turning out for Brown. His daughter got Senator Ayotte to officiate at her wedding. Mitt Romney has been stumping for Brown. One has to wonder if Brown will waffle on abortion the way Romney did. He was after all, "pro-choice" in 2012.

If this New Hampshire thing does not work out for Scott Brown, what is next? Does he have a time-share in Vermont? A cabin in Maine? New York has some of the country's most lenient residency requirements. We might witness Brown's last hurrah and another last hurrah and another last hurrah played out in 57 states.

Then again, Brown might become Senator in 2014. He has presidential ego and presidential aspirations. He would be in prime position to notch the New Hampshire Primary in 2016.

I am not paid as well as Brown's consultants but for what it's worth, I think they might have over-thought this one.