Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Senate Contract With America By Bruce Walker

Yesterday, I once more suggested a Contract With America but I did not provide any details beyond "Repeal Obamacare." Today, Bruce Walker at "American Thinker" provides some solid advice.

I will disagree with Mr. Walker that we should preserve popular elements of the ACA, specifically mandating insuring pre-existing conditions. That measure pretty well negates the very premise of insurance. But let us not now quibble.

Sites like "American Thinker" provide the leadership the Republican Party sorely lacks. Check this out.

What sorts of substantive bills might be guaranteed for a floor vote in this new Contract With America?  How about a vote to allow the Keystone Pipeline, something overwhelmingly popular with the American people?  How about allowing veterans to have a voucher for health care in the private sector instead of using the disgraceful Veterans Administration?

Joe Biden Explains The Failure Of Hope And Change


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Neil Young's "Let's Impeach The President"


Does The Republican Party Really Exist?

Talk radio loves to bash the GOP. "Rockefeller Republicans," "the donor class," "the political class," "RINO's" "Country Club Republicans."  Beck, Limbaugh and Levin rarely, if ever say anything good about the Republican Party. Even the ever-predictable Sean Hannity loves to point out that he is not a registered Republican.

Supposedly, the Grand Old Party has been infiltrated by unwashed Tea Party types. If the Tea Party is so damn influential why did all the cyber-beggars refuse to return David Brat's phone calls prior to his primary victory over Eric Cantor? What exactly do those Tea Party groups do besides rattle their begging cups?

The question, "Does The Republican Party Really Exist?" is of course a rhetorical one. We know they have a building and Reince Priebus is their chairman. Perhaps a better question is "what do they do?" Do they have phones and desktops at their headquarters? It seems that the most influential Republican is Karl Rove whose Crossroads America has no official ties to the Republican Party (as far as I know.)

The Republican Party seems to have faded away on the national level and they seem to have lost even more influence on the local level. The Massachusetts Republican Party was viable and competitive a decade ago. They are so dysfunctional that carpetbagger Scott Brown fled the state to better advance his career. New Hampshire still hosts a Republican Party but they are woefully disorganized and lose clout every election cycle. 2010 looks like a fluke now.

Of course, Republicans lack vision.  What is needed is ten or so popular ideas the whole party can support. Think Contract With America. They can agree with repealing the ACA but after that it gets murky. What is needed is a unifying purpose promoted by a great unifier.  A leader. Reince Priebus is not that man.