Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New Wave Of Populism And Other BS Explanations

Remember 2010 when the news media hated the tea party but recognized their growing stature? They tried hard to spin the tsunami as an anti-incumbency movement. This was followed by "the coffee party" and "no labels" movement. Remember them?

Media sympathetic to the political class (which is to say almost all of them) recognize that the Obama Administration is a train wreck of epic proportions. Of course, they have touted this guy and his loyalists every step of the way. Every time he has gotten in a mess, the media have covered for their messiah. They have done damage control for over five years now.

The media have to be right and the administration's critics have to be discredited. How does one square the circle? It's a new trend of bipartisan populism. Salena Zito proposes James Webb and Joe Manchin as the new faces of this nebulous trend. She even touts Webb as a potential presidential candidate in 2016. Which party do Webb and Manchin belong to?

Maybe Zito has a point. Maybe it will require a "blue dog" to unify the country. The problem is that the Dems have purged and starved all moderates. Manchin barely got elected in a Democratic state and Webb is retired. The media will do anything to save face, thus we have Salena Zito.

A new wave of populism:

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This blog has not endorsed too many primary candidates although I do prefer Bob Smith to RINO Scott Brown.

Because it was not as close as some thought it would be (according to the polls) I have not had a lot to say about Mitch McConnell vs. Matt Bevin. I have differences with Mitch but I can summarize him in two words: good enough. Glenn Beck gets all gushy about Matt Bevin but I don't share his enthusiasm. Rand II? Not sure about that.

In Georgia, I am happy to see Saxby Chambliss retire. I don't have time to assess the field of GOP candidates and there is almost certainly going to be a run-off. Meantime, The Dems are reaching into their Royal Family playbook. Michelle Nunn will probably be their nominee. In another country Nunn would be called a duchess of a baroness or something else that would emphasize her lineage. I will always be amazed that people who sincerely renounce privilege and inequality goose step behind a political party devoted to the advancement of inherited privilege and inequality.

Oregon is heating up where the doctor candidate has been accused of spousal abuse and stalking. Arkansas is a done deal for both the Senate and Governor races.

I don't expect a lot of surprises today.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

In search of a color blind heat wave

Enough said.

 I guess that's why the congressman lives in Minnesota but is he saying that people of color a genetically inferior?