Saturday, April 26, 2014

Congress Discusses Impeachment


Blast From The Past: Does Brian Williams Think Kennedy Ran Against Eisenhower?

Originally posted June 18, 2009 Let's be fair. It is possible that Williams misspoke. That he knew that Kennedy never ran against Eisenhower but that Nixon (Eisenehower's vice president) was an extension of the Eisenhower Administration. Maybe he accidentally misstated the facts. But he did not clarify as well as he should have.

Williams then repeats the analogy. And in the context, it appears that he does believe Eisenhower ran against Kennedy because McCain the war hero is sort of the political Eisenhower of his era. He is certainly comparing Eisenhower and McCain.

Is Williams a moron? If the standard is beyond reasonable doubt, he has a chance at acquittal. If the standard is a preponderance of evidence, the viewers and the voters will be awarded damages.

Oh, and you might notice that Mensa member Dave does not correct his intellectual twin on his absurdities.


Over Five Years Of Post Obotomy Syndrome

Blogs are convenient but they are limiting. Ideally a blog is either a diary or else an appendage to a website. Even though websites are faster and easier than zines, they are still time consuming. I started this blog because I did not have time to do a website. The plan was to blog until that day arrived when I could spend time on at least one--possibly more-- static sites.

Today I purchased two domain names but I might not ever get them off the ground. One site will largely be a summary of what has been presented here but better organized (blogs by their very nature are hard to navigate. Most visitors don't go beyond page 1 and few ever search the archives.)

In reviewing this blog's archives, I made some observations.

1. CNN and MSNBC have both pulled some of their more fawning, sycophantic moments. Some of them have been reposted by others but a few classics seem to be off Youtube. Anyone remember The "Lincoln come to life" comparison that CNN used to describe Obama's candidacy? I can't find that one anywhere.

2. I don't know how blogger keeps score of readers but several of my 2009 posts have zero readers ( I kept a blog going before I told anyone about it because I wanted a body of work for the new reader to be able to peruse.) and yet they have comments attached to the post. I realize the visitor is not tested on the material and so no, one does not technically have to read the post before commenting, but in each situation the non-reading commentator seemed to understand the content of the post.

I think there were more observations but I am getting sleepy.

I hope to post some blasts from the past as I continue to review the last five years.

Comparisons Between Lincoln And Obama


Birds of a Feather: John McCain Endorses Scott Brown

Maybe if Senator Carpetbagger loses either the primary or general election, he can move to Arizona and seek office there. He already has one fan in the baked-brain state.

Go Bob Smith!

Matt Bevin courts the critical cockfighting vote

I am not a big Mitch McConnell supporter but faux Tea Party candidate Matt Bevin is nothing more than a Yankee snake oil salesman. Rank and file Tea Party activists for the most part have seen through the Connecticut carpetbagger's veneer which explains his dismal showing in the polls. Bevin is not exactly the thinking man's candidate but give him an A+ for courage. A less courageous candidate could not argue that he did not say what he appeared to say on videotape. One can argue that there is no need to make cock fighting a federal offense. It only invites a SWAT team from the Department of Agriculture to descend upon Kentucky but to try to make a states rights issue of an activity that is already illegal in the state is beyond courage to the point of stupidity.
I have never been to a cock fight but I have friends and relatives who enjoyed the sport. I prefer to savor its legacy. I have developed an affinity for the descendant of the Cornish gamecock and the Plymouth Rock laying hen called the Rock Cornish Hen. News, Weather
"Twenty years from now, we will all remember the time when the East Coast con-man thought so little of Kentuckians that he pathologically lied to us about absolutely everything until an undercover camera caught him red-handed at a cockfighting rally," said McConnell spokeswoman Allison Moore.

Friday, April 25, 2014

I Hate Fox News

Understand, Fox has more integrity that NBC or CBS but they seem bound and determined to abandon narrative news in favor of bullshit talk shows. I passively view Fox and CNBC. Those channels are often background noise for my multitasking. Here and there a story will catch my interest and I will sit and watch it to conclusion.

For my taste, Fox News was always too much panel discussion and not enough journalism. I would sometimes watch Current TV or even Al Jazeera because they had a higher news content than Fox. As bad as it was, Fox took a turn for the worse when they replaced Glenn Beck with "The Five."

Glenn Beck was a conservative hack who went off in a different direction when he joined Fox News. He started doing his own investigations which was hard to do with his minuscule staff. So he started 'The Blaze' and the website now has more viewers than 'New York Times' and CNN.

Beck outed Van Jones and shed the light on SEIU and Cloward-Piven and revealed some of ACORN's dirty secrets. He would be replaced with...drum roll please..."The Five." If you like "The View" you will love "The Five."

We can understand why a producer might love "The Five." No one host will become a prima donna. Guest slots on the show can be doled out like candy to good little Fox hacks. And of course the show costs nothing to produce.

Those are the advantages of putting on a low budget show with no content. The disadvantages are that the show insults the viewer and helps to destroy the network's brand. Ha ha ha Bob Beckel. Bob Beckel is a pinata! Ha ha ha. Hee hee hee. Bob Beckel is wrong again. Ha ha ha.

Is there anyone out there who believes one hour of Greg Gutfeld is not enough? OK Greg, you can put your hand down. Anyone else? I didn't think so. Like Barack Obama, Greg Gutfeld has disproved the validity of The Peter Principle. "Red Eye" should have been Gutfeld's level of incompetence destination. Ahhh, but there would be one more promotion after the 3 AM show (with more advancement to come?)

The premise of "Red Eye" is OK for a 3 AM show but even at that hour, it does not deliver. "The Five" is for me, unwatchable. This is what replaced Glenn Beck with his twenty minute extemporaneous monologues and his White House red phone? "The Five" would be unsuitable for 5 AM, never mind 5 PM.

So now Fox News is interrupting what little news they provide to bring us "Outnumbered." From noon to one viewers will be treated to "news with a twist." Yet another panel featuring four female Fox hacks and one male Fox hack. How cute! Can't wait till Greg Gutfeld is the male hack. And Beckel? Set the DVR!

Fox News is no longer news. It isn't entertainment either. What do we call this endless chatfest? We call it Fox News.

You can have it.

Voter Fraud: 44,000 Voters Registered in both Maryland and Virginia

The story here.

A shout out to a great bunch of people who do the work our DOJ and news media cannot be bothered to do.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Officer Friendly trips kids

If I were the father of one of these kids I would hire someone to knee cap this cop. If a student was video taped tripping another student he would be labeled a bully and expelled from school. The officer was placed on paid leave pending an investigation. Tripping girls? What kind of a man trips girls. This bastard should be whipped naked through the streets of Georgetown, Texas but I'll wager he keeps his job.

Monday, April 21, 2014

SEIU Tries To Unionize Media Matters

I hold the belief that those who advocate on behalf of unions should run union shops. Ralph Nader, for instance, should encourage the workers at Public Citizen to organize. Office staff of trade unions should organize. Democratic Congressional staff should organize. Of course, not everyone agrees with me. Take Media Matters for instance.

Media Matters for America and the Service International Employees Union Local 500 are facing off in a labor dispute, the Washington Examiner reports.
The SEIU branch, which covers Maryland and Washington D.C., filed a representation petition last week with the National Labor Relations Board.
The petition shows that Media Matters, a progressive media watchdog, hired lawyers from the firm Perkins Coie to represent it, indicating that the group is providing some resistance to the unionization attempt.


Does The Obama DOJ Block Mergers By Non-Donors?

In 2011, AT&T T +0.06% announced it would seek permission from the government for a $39 billion merger with T-Mobile.  Processing the application was expected to take at least twelve months.  But within five months, the Department of Justice announced it had filed a lawsuit blocking the friendly merger.
Enter AT&T CEO Randall L. Stephenson, well known to be a free market Republican favoring  pro-growth tax reform and opposing Obama-style redistributing income from the working class.  Mr. Stephenson has a long history of Republican giving, and averaging the three election cycles between 2006–2010, AT&T employees supported Republican candidates by 60%.
Key government players during merger talks were Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski and Renata Hesse, now Deputy Attorney General for Anti Trust at DOJ, and of course, Attorney General Eric Holder, who runs the most blatantly politicized DOJ in history.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

If Hillary Had Gotten Elected, We Would Pay A Penalty If We Did Not Purchase Insurance



Guess my priorities are off to post about Basiago and his old chrononaut friend, Barry Soetoro, before mentioning Easter but Happy Easter nonetheless.

Barack Obama: The Time-Traveling,Teleporting, CIA-Connected, Indonesian-Passport-Carrying Superman

Oh, and according to Andrew Basiago, he's a great guy too.

Yes, I listened to all six hours of this presentation. I am skeptical of time travel for no other reason than my brain cannot conceive of it. If we send observers to the past and they bring organisms for which the people of the day have zero immunity...So I will not try to refute anything for which I have no understanding of the physical underpinnings. It's like refuting the professed mating habits of elves or unicorns.

Having said that, time travel is more believable than an invisible college student becoming president. Teleportation is more believable than the notion that a man with no resume could become president. Clearly, someone has pulled strings for Barry Soetoro for a long, long time. At times I have suspected OPEC. At other times I have suspected an international band of Sorosistas. I was less suspicious of the CIA and the Manhattan Project.

Oh, by the way, Andrew Basiago claims that he, Andrew Basiago, will become president in 2016. He likes Clinton and has nothing but praise for his old friend, Barry Soetoro, whom he describes as a B-minus student at Occidental who registered--or shadow-registered at Columbia to provide cover for his planet-hopping-- as an Indonesian national.

We are starting to connect the dots in the JFK assassination fifty years after the fact. Someday, we might learn the real story of Barry Soetoro. Like the JFK Assassination, sensational theories emerged that were, despite their sensationalism, more plausible than The Warren Report. Basiago's narrative has more credibility than "Dreams From My Father."