Friday, April 18, 2014

Fearing pit bull attack officer shoots self

It doesn't get much better than this! An officer enters a fenced in yard. A pit bull barks at him. The officer draws his weapon and promptly shoots himself in the leg. Where would civilization be without well trained police forces?

Mayor Di Blasio Paid 8.3% Tax Rate

Wow! Commie Bill makes hyperhypocrites like Warren Buffet and Barack Obama (both pay at about half the rate of what they advocate for others) seem honorable by comparison.

Good Friday

I don't want to get Jeremiah on you but when is a good time to dump documents, to announce price increases and unexpected resignations? Some will say the day after Thanksgiving. Certainly not a bad time but a Good Friday preceding not just Easter but Marathon Monday--that just happens to be the first Boston Marathon since the tragic terrorist jihadist bombing--might present an opportunity that comes around about as often as Haley's Comet.

I am frequently wrong but this could shape up to be a big news day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mary Landrieu's phony ad

Mary Landrieu's ad breaks new ground. Just imagine the greatest speech you never gave then rent the props and deliver it just as you would have had you thought of it at the time. She goes further than merely rewriting history she is filming it.

What should we expect from someone who told you that you could keep your health insurance if you liked it?

Reading Between The Lines: Alex Sink Will Not Seek Rematch

To review, Democrat Alex Sink lost a special election to Republican David Jolly for the seat of deceased Congressman Bill Young earlier this year. Earlier this week, Alex Sink announced that she will not be a candidate in the general election in November.

Sink was considered a rising star and a seasoned campaigner with a more than adequate war chest. Jolly was a behind the scenes guy who arrived with a lot of question marks. In most places, in most times, Sink would have crushed Jolly. Of course, these are unusual times. The toxicity of Obamacare has given every Democrat an Achilles Heel.

Will 2014 be another shellacking? It could be, but never underestimate the Republican capacity to lose to terrible candidates (Obama 2012 for instance.) Nate Silver has handicapped the Senate races as 7 GOP wins plus or minus 5. I have to agree with Mr. 538. The country is up for grabs,

The 77% Income Fallacy

Stop the presses! The White House has promoted a "material discrepancy."

I don't even want to link this one and get into a "my link is better than yours" or a "Yeah, you link to the vast right wing conspiracy." This particular fallacy has been hashed and rehashed and recycled shamelessly over the years. A Google search of 77 per cent will bring up a truckload of links including a bunch from 2010.  Even 'Slate' is calling the 77% figure a "misleading statistic."

Why did Rolaids consume 47% of excess stomach acid? Because advertisers love odd numbers. They seem less contrived. I don't know if the Dems ran a focus group for this one but they are married to the number 77.

One more insulting lie from an administration that is hostile to the very premise of truth.

Obama's war on minorities

If the Bush Administration had done this it would have been called genocide. The Daily caller reports that the Center for Disease Control is determined to drive down Black and Latino birth rates. This is taken from the CDC's web site.
As part of the President's Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI), CDC is partnering with the federal Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH) to reduce teenage pregnancy and address disparities in teen pregnancy and birth rates. The OASH Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) is supporting public and private entities to fund medically accurate and age appropriate evidence-based or innovative program models to reduce teen pregnancy. The purpose of this program is to demonstrate the effectiveness of innovative, multicomponent, communitywide initiatives in reducing rates of teen pregnancy and births in communities with the highest rates, with a focus on reaching African American and Latino/Hispanic youth aged 15–19 years. A communitywide model is an intervention implemented in defined communities (specified geographic area) applying a common approach with different strategies. Communitywide approaches will be tailored to the specified community, and will include broad-based strategies that reach a majority of youth in the community (i.e., through communication strategies and media campaigns); and intensive strategies reaching youth most in need of prevention programming (i.e., through implementation of evidence-based programs and improved links to services).

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

John Boehner's electile dysfunction

Okay, J.D. Winteregg, having only raised $25,000, is the longest of the three long shot candidates to defeat John Boehner in the GOP primary but I like his sense of humor. The adjunct French teacher at Cedarville University has diagnosed Boehner's problem. It's electile dysfunction. C'est la vie!