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Looks Like Cantor Will Be Re-Elected


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Down Memory Lane With Will Smith And Some Other Guy


'American Thinker' Addresses Voter Fraud

There are a few writers who tempt me to link to their every word. Thomas Sowell, Peter Schiff and Gary North come to mind. "American Thinker" has risen to a level where almost every day they have an article worth linking to.

Voter fraud is the independent variable in the fate of America. No issue is more important. Nothing is more crucial to the preservation of a constitutional republic. It all hinges on fair and accurate elections. Corrupt the electoral process and we have something other than America.

Read the following article by Matthew Vadum.

First, I am so sick of Republicans who refuse to acknowledge and fight voter fraud. Refusal to fight is tantamount to complicity. If not the GOP then some Tea Party or conservative group needs to address this matter.

Vadum hits the nail on the head. The left feels that voter fraud is perfectly acceptable. I have said before, this is not your father's Democratic Party. Like it or not, the party is being run by thugs and criminals who have no moral or legal constraints and nothing that resembles a conscience.

It's not just the Democratic leadership who are culpable. The rank and file, the donors, have placed their seals of approval on voter fraud. The Democratic Party is one vast Chicago sewer.

On most matters I am a moral relativist. I just am. On the matter of voter identification I am an absolute absolutist. If you advocate for voting without ID, you are advocating for voter fraud. You are complicit in voter fraud. The reason the laws were changed was to facilitate voter fraud. The vote without ID laws have fulfilled their intended purpose.

The problem with allowing a little bit of cheating is that cheating is open ended. An arms race ensues. If it's OK to steal legitimate votes, what is not OK?  Physical intimidation? Assault? Homicide?

Here's hoping Vadum opens our eyes.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Alison Lundergan Grimes keeps donation from Democratic sexual predator.

Wannabe Senator Alison Lundergan Grimes and the Kentucky sisterhood avoided answering a reporter's questions about a decision made hours earlier by the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission to not punish former state Rep. John Arnold of Sturgis. Three legislative aides have accused Arnold of sexual harassment, saying that he touched them inappropriately. Better yet Grimes is keeping a $250 donation from Arnold.
Grimes has made women's issues a focal point of her campaign against Mitch McConnell. But she has refrained from speaking publicly about the alleged sexual harassment.

Go girl!

Breaking News: TownHall Reports Lois Lerner Shared Emails With Elijah Cummings

New IRS emails released by the House Oversight Committee show staff working for Democratic Ranking Member Elijah Cummings communicated with the IRS multiple times between 2012 and 2013 about voter fraud prevention group True the Vote. True the Vote was targeted by the IRS after applying for tax exempt status more than two years ago. Further, information shows the IRS and Cummings' staff asked for nearly identical information from True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht about her organization, indicating coordination and improper sharing of confidential taxpayer information. Read entire article at link below.

Mozilla Add-Ons From The People's Cube

Et tu, Henry? Aaron Compares GOP To KKK

So much for Hank Aaron being a class act. I was reading the comments at CBSSports and they were being typed faster than I could read. Most of the statements expressed shock and hurt feelings and disappointment.This wasn't misanthropic Barry Bonds, this was Hammering Hank flipping the bird to his fans.

There were three or four commentators who were responding to almost every comment. They were definitely, um, partisan. Usual "if you hate Obama you are racist, Fox News, Republicans, KKK, teabagger...'' More passion than originality to be sure.

I am still perplexed as to why the Obots are so blindly loyal to their leader. One could make a better case for racism if Obama had turned out to be a good president. Or for that matter, if he had a winning personality. Or, if there was some evidence that he tried real hard at anything that did not involve fundraising. If he just showed an interest in the welfare of America....

Obama has always put party before country.

Obama is a slacker who seems to feel that the office is beneath him. He would rather play golf or  kissie kissie with big donors or lead a pep rally than to do the work presidents are supposed to do.

He is intentionally divisive, such as have never seen in a president. He has the most adversarial personality we have ever seen in a public figure.

And as a president....He killed Bin Laden. Beyond that, his record is atrocious. No major demographic has fared well under his reign. The recovery has once more been delayed. And spiritually, we are a divided nation.

Don't go away mad, Hank. Just go away.

Shoot first and answer questions two days later

The Evansville, Indiana Police Department is quick to shoot but slow to answer questions. It was reported on April 5 that a person was shot by police but the public was not told the name of either the shooting victim or the cop until Monday April 8 when the department announced it had exonerated the officer. Taking its cue from the Obama Justice Department the local police department cited "an ongoing investigation" as the need to keep public information from the public. Details of the incident reported in the local media only differ on one account. One version maintains the victim was laying face down when he was shot and the other reports he was lying on his back. In any event the officer perceived he was trying to reach into his pocket so he shot him in the stomach.
As to the prolonged media blackout, that was explained away by Sgt. Jason Cullum who explained under departmental policy the officer could not be questioned until 2 days after the shooting presumably to give him time to lawyer up and get his story straight. "The officer involved has also not given a formal statement, as police department rules require officers involved in shootings to take a minimum of two days to “decompress” before issuing a formal statement, Cullum said.'"
Yes, decompression is essential to any thoughtful investigation as contemporaneous explanations can result in possible incrimination. It's not clear that any private citizen who has been involved in a crime or serious accident has ever been accorded 2 days to decompress but evidently rank has its privileges.
As if the above details are not bad enough there is another aspect that invites even more cynicism. The officer, now identified as Patrolman Ryan Winters, was wearing a body cam that supposedly he neglected to turn on. The city of Evansville recently spent $190,000 to outfit its police force with FirstVu HD body cams from Digital Ally. Conveniently the use policy allows the officer to turn the cam on when it redounds to his advantage. Supposedly officers will be using the cameras when they are performing official police functions. That includes self-initiated activities and dispatched runs but in this case the office forgot to turn his cam on.

Following the EVPD's line of thinking one should only turn on his surveillance cameras when burglars are in the building. One can understand that cops do not want to be photographed spending hours drinking coffee or hooking up with barmaids but the body cams were purchased at the department's request and with public money. If the public is ever to have any confidence that the money was well spent it must demand tamper proof body cams that cannot be controlled by the officer.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Not To Belabor A Point But Significantly More People See Bigfoot Every Year Than Saw Barack Obama At Columbia

To review, a grand total of three people (none of whom seem particularly interested in talking to anyone about this issue) saw Barack Obama in the two years he attended Columbia University.

By contrast, notes that from 1921 to 2013 there were 3313 sightings of Bigfoot, or 36/year.

Could be that our man, Barack, is much more stealthy than that bungling Sasquatch. Could be.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The GOP's Other Other Paul

Peter T. Paul has started a Republican super-PAC. He also succeeded, with the help of $25 million, in getting University of New Hampshire to rename The Whittemore School of Business the Peter T. Paul College of Business And Economics.

He is supporting an openly gay candidate, Dan Innis,  in the Republican Congressional Primary in the First District. 2010 innie/2012 outie Frank Guinta was the odds on favorite to challenge incumbent Carol Shea Porter.

Peter T. Paul has already shaken up New Hampshire politics. I hope he doesn't favor Scott Brown.

For What It's Worth Department: Dick Morris's Senate Race Predictions

Dick Morris is no Jeremiah so take this with a pillar of salt. He is stating that Republican Senate candidates are leading in seven races now held by Democrats. One Dem seat is a tie and in two more races the Dem incumbent is under fifty per cent. T

The one Republican seat in Jeopardy? Mitch McConnell.


So Friday I worked with a staffing agency trainee who was a former member of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's congregation at Trinity United Church of Christ. Understand, we are a small operation and in my six years of employment at Brand X I have worked with fewer than one hundred people counting student interns, trainees, medical professionals, consultants, nursing students, nurse practicioner students and so on.
So what are the odds that from this small group I would meet someone who once ate dinner with George Obama and someone else who sat in the pews of Jeremiah Wright's church?

The odds are not really all that long. Turns out, Trinity United has 8,500 members. With a turnover of even five hundred members/year, over a thirty year period the members and former members would constitute a small city.  And the odds of meeting someone who dined with George Obama?

The George odds are a bit longer. Kenyans gravitate to health care so if one works in health care on the East Coast, one is likely to encounter a Kenyan nurse. I have not been to Kenya but I understand that there are low-priced but high quality restaurants who cater to urbanites who do not have cooking facilities. George Obama might get out on a regular basis.

 I also don't understand Kenyan culture but my friend was not pleased that George joined their dinner party. The original party consisted of three women and one man, who picked up the tab. Had the party consisted of the gentlemen and the three ladies, it would have been a pleasant gabfest. But when George joined the mix, the ladies were expected to dine in silence as the men conversed. George ordered fish by the way and my friend reported that George made it abundantly clear that he practices Islam.

My new acquaintance from Chicago held a lot respect for Jeremiah Wright. In his view, Wright has helped his congregation and the neighborhood. He chuckled when he mentioned the pastor's Porsche. He believes that Jeremiah Wright quotes have been taken out of context and that the pastor is a victim of character assassination.

Oddly, the Windy City transplant was critical of Barack Obama's community organizing efforts. I did not know that that profession had critics. I thought people took such jobs because to paraphrase a former Alaskan Governor, there are no actual responsibilities. "What did he (Obama) do?" my co-worker asked rhetorically.

My colleague did not see Oprah in the pews and of course I did ask if he knew Donald Young. He didn't seem to recognize that name so I did not pursue it further. First impressions were positive and I will put in a good word about this gentleman. He is the best temp we have used to date.

Back to the original question: Is it coincidence that I would meet both a former TUCC member and a George Obama dinner mate from such a small group (fewer than 100 but probably closer to 50) ? Coincidence maybe but not exactly synchronicity. Life is full of these sorts of improbable probabilities.