Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mark Dice Is Back On Youtube

I don't have many heroes any more. Mark Dice is a hero. Part Alan Funt, part Steve Allen, part Howard Stern, part Andrew Breitbart, Dice makes us want to laugh and cry at the same time. Let us salute him. MARCUS MAXIMUS

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Democrats Are Attempting To Raise Funds Over Possible Impeachment

Impeachment is a many-splendored thing. There are layers and facets and intricacies and technicalities. The important question is once more, "what did the president know and when did he know it?" We probably will not get this question answered as long as Eric Holder is in office. Some Democrats favor the immediate impeachment of the president. To Democratic Senate candidate Kesha Rogers, BHO has already committed impeachable offenses and corrective action is overdue. Rogers' viewpoint is that the Republicans do not want impeachment because they want to keep Obama around as a fundraising godsend. Could be. Rush Limbaugh says the GOP will never impeach the president because of his unique iconic status. Never mind that he might just be the worst of the worst American political criminals, he is also the first African-American president and as such he is immune to criticism, to say nothing of prosecution. Meanwhile, the Democrats are desperate for a political issue to save their grip on the Senate. Is impeachment the cause celebre that could unify a political party that seems to have exhausted its ideas? Anything, to distract from Obamacare? "He's trying so celebrity friends..." If the IRS scandal can be traced back to the White House (and it seems that it can) impeachment is tough to avoid. This could divide the GOP along the same lines that divide immigration policy. For a multitude of reasons, The Beltway/Establishment GOP would probably oppose impeachment. The unwashed masses who are vaguely familiar with the US Constitution, US History and the rule of law might hold a different perspective. My viewpoint is that impeachment is a bubbling volcano and all of the entrenched punditry who will tell us "what we should be discussing..." will ultimately join in the discussion. The ground is shaking.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Towards a Grand Unified Theory Of The JFK Assassination


Cenk Uygur, Professional Obama Ass Kisser, Dares To Glimpse At The Man Behind The Curtain

This is both frustrating and mind-blowing for several reasons. First, if I recall correctly, the "lead from behind" defense was advanced by Obama acolytes to describe the president's unclear foreign policy, especially in Libya. This might be a late post. We have both the White House and a writer for "The New Yorker" (is that a redundancy?) taking the credit and the blame. When this lame defense was ridiculed by just about everyone, it was somehow morphed into a "right wing" taunt. Another story for another time. Major frustration! Uygur learns seven years after the rest of us did, that Barack Obama was editor of 'Harvard Law Review' and never wrote a single article for any journal. Talk about living in a bubble, Uygur is amazed at this revelation. Finally, this fact comes to his attention after it appears in "Huffington Post." There are other revelations as well, that Uygur finally discovers. They finally come to light when a Yale professor echoes a million bloggers and is praised for his insight. Brilliance! Sheer brilliance! HAS CENK VAN WINKLE AWAKENED FROM A SEVEN TEAR NAP?

Steven Seagal Calls For Obama's Impeachment


Black Pastors Call For Eric Holder's Impeachment


Two views on BASE jumping

Furnished just for your amusement. I don't think there is a political angle to BASE jumping. The legal question must be one of local option. NYC demonizes the jumpers while in West Virginia closes down the New River Gorge Bridge for an entire day just to accommodate them.

When in Rome...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Youtube Blocks Mark Dice's Channel Without Explanation

It's an open secret that Youtube 'disappears' certain videos or otherwise harasses video posters. Usually the bullied are small potatoes. They have small megaphones and who will hear them complain? Now, a big fish has been 86'd. Mark Dice had over 55 million hits and 265,000 subscribers. We embedded him at this site. He would ask ridiculous questions to San Diego residents that highlighted general public ignorance as well as blind loyalty and unwavering allegiance to the current administration. The most popular videos on Dice’s channel lambasted supporters of Barack Obama. Dice had built up a reputation for his ‘man on the street’ videos which featured him getting Obama supporters to sign petitions that called for a number of insane proposals, like putting gun owners in concentration camps, killing newborn babies, repealing the first amendment to silence criticism of Obama, and granting Obama immunity from all crimes. I am happy to report that Mark Dice's channel mysteriously reappeared three hours after it disappeared. Let's hope this is the end of this ugly story.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Obama's Greatest Hits


More From The Grass Roots Impeachment Movement


Grass Roots Impeachment Movement Gathers Steam


'Daily Mail' Reports On Michelle Obama's Visit To China

This blog has been gentle with the Obama family in the belief that the children should be off-limits.  With that stated, it is hard to ignore the actions and inaction of Uncle Omar and Aunt Zeituni. It is hard to not compare and contrast the welfare of Malik Obama with the fate of George Obama. We have mostly overlooked the social ineptitude of the First Lady--except for her expensive tastes and the arrogance she displays when she takes not one, but two jets on vacation--because her previous $370k no-show job already paints the distilled essence of this woman's character. We already know who she is.

Now we suffer the complaints of the American press who were denied access to The First Family on their Road Trip To China. Boo hoo. You are left out in the cold even after the press corpse exercised a vow of silence on the common knowledge that The Obama Administration was using the IRS to influence the 2012 election. That was well known at least a year, maybe two years, before Lois Lerner made her public revelation in the Spring of 2013. After all of your displays of loyalty, you miss out on selfies from The Great Wall and Michelle's mom trying to feed herself with chop sticks? Where is the gratitude?

The British press is less inclined to take no for an answer. If they are not spoon fed a story, they will find their own damn story. That's how it used to be in America before the industry adopted the paint by numbers approach. It's always good to get the British perspective.

A radio interview with Kesha Rogers

We remain fascinated with Ms Rogers' low budget campaign. She was outspent by David Alameel by a ratio of 126 to 1. Here a radio interview with Kesha Rogers.

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FBI agent cleared in shooting of Ibragim Todashev, Florida state attorney denies reports FBI agent in Todashev shooting cleared

This is incredible! The unidentified FBI agent who wantonly shot Ibragim Todashev 7 times has been cleared of any wrong doing by the FBI and the Florida investigation will concur that the death of Todashev was justifiable homicide.

The New York Times reports in about 150 FBI shootings since 1993, about 70 of them fatal, not one agent has been found at fault in internal reviews. Considering an FBI sniper shot Vicki Weaver to death while she was holding her infant the standard for justifiable homicide must be pretty low.

Update: Florida state prosecutors on Friday denied that they had cleared an FBI agent who shot dead a friend of the Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev while interrogating him.
The FBI is understood to have concluded that the officer who shot Ibragim Todashev, 27, was left with no alternative but to fire in self defence after being struck on the neck with a metal pole.
But the state attorney in Florida, Jeff Ashton, denied that he had come to the same conclusion. Ashton's spokesman said he had completed his investigation but would make a final decision on how to proceed over the weekend. A review, by the civil rights division of the Department of Justice, is also understood to be complete.
Ashton issued an angrily worded statement on Friday after media reports claimed he had decided not to charge the officer, saying the leaks on which they were based were “inaccurate and unfair”.
The unnamed agent was one of several who went to Todashev’s apartment in Orlando on 22 May 2013, to question the Chechen over his friendship with Tsarnaev and about the murder in Massachusetts of another of the bomber’s friends. In the hours and days after the death, officials gave various accounts of what happened.
See entire story here.