Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Father of The Tea Party Reads Senator Obama's 2006 Comments On The Debt Ceiling


Upstanding Citizen Arrested For Owning Too Many Guns

A Connecticut man found himself in the crosshairs of his state’s anti-2nd amendment policies for simply having too many guns and being a rocketee - See more at:

Crowd of two attends Obamacare rally

See the audience at the big "Obamacare and You" rally. The event in Greenville, South Carolina was sponsored Organizing for Action, formerly the Obama for President campaign. One might grouse that the attendance left something to be desired but observe the enthusiasm.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Video; Cop shatters woman's face for no reason

Staying with the theme of abusive police powers the woman in this video had her head slammed into a concrete bench for no reason and even though the the cop was caught on video he was not prosecuted. The incident, all captured on video, shows the petite 110-pound woman calmly following directions, posing no threat or aggression to her captors.  The footage — subpoenaed by Feuerstein’s lawyer — shows the woman being asked to leave the cell, and after a few brief seconds, brought back to the cell and shoved in at full force.

TSA Warns Jokers Could Be Arrested

No governmental agency is more overbearing than the TSA but when it warns that making a joke could get you arrested someone needs to fired and jailed. Hear for yourself the loudspeaker threaten; 'You are also reminded that any inappropriate remarks or jokes concerning security may result in your arrest.”

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How long before computer glitches void the individual mandate?

Aside from being the focus of ridicule and a complete mess in the estimation of normally friendly NBC has the potential to become a major impediment to the enforcement of the individual mandate if its problems are not corrected soon. Simply put, the government cannot insist that all uninsured sign up for insurance and then not provide a working website to do so. To be insured in 2014, as required by law, one's application must be filed by December 15. It's nice that the White House aide in the video thinks all will be well in 6 month but he only has two months as I'm sure there are plenty of district court judges who would like nothing better than to declare the individual mandate unenforceable for 2014. Bear in mind taxpayers have from January 1 until April 15 to file their income taxes and for many the burden is just as onerous and costly.
I have filed my state and federal taxes with Turbo Tax for years. Its software can verify the paper statement from my pension plan, my broker and my 401K plan in seconds and I'm reasonably sure Turbo Tax did not shell out half a billion bucks for its software. Hell, they should have mailed out the program to run on the users computer like AOL used to do. In online discussion groups, computer experts talk of major coding and software problems that could take weeks or months to fix.
If troublemakers want to fight the entire mandate I can think of two areas where they might have success. The standard argument presented against photo ID voting requirement apply to the individual mandate in spades. Too hard to get a photo ID for the poor and minorities? Are we to believe every American has the requisite computer skills to navigate on a good day? If the mandate was so important the law should have provided a system to enroll even the dumbest among us even if it meant having someone to do it for them.
Then there is the question of internet access. In some remote parts of the country nothing beyond dial-up service is offered and what law mandates a citizen must own a computer? If it's too much trouble to go to the DMV to get a photo ID then is it less onerous to go to a library and spend hours shopping for health insurance? Yes, the Supreme Court did rule the mandate to be constitutional in that the individual could be forced to buy insurance but common sense dictates that it didn't intend that the obligation would be extremely difficult or nearly impossible with which to comply.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Triple Shot From Doug Ross

Guess Which Two Parties Illegally Exchanged Confidential Tax Information.

Hint:  It's the IRS and The White House.

Top Internal Revenue Service Obamacare official Sarah Hall Ingram discussed confidential taxpayer information with senior Obama White House officials, according to 2012 emails obtained by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and provided to The Daily Caller.
Lois Lerner, then head of the IRS Tax Exempt Organizations division, also received an email alongside White House officials that contained confidential information.

Read more:

Somebody has to do it

I'm surprised this guy isn't a media star but thinking about it he probably doesn't have the time to do TV. Chris Cox was disturbed at the condition the Lincoln Memorial had fallen into since the government shutdown began so he did the natural thing any good citizen would do. He pick up the trash, mowed the lawn and sawed up and removed a fallen tree before park police ran him off. The 45 year old South Carolinian is not a veteran but his stepfather is a West Point graduate and his brother's name is on the Vietnam Memorial wall. "In my mind, that entitled me to pick up as much trash as I wanted to," he stated. He said he has been on a mission to spruce up the lawns, trees and trash bins near America's grandest memorials before the weekend, because a 'Million Vet March' event is expected to bring scores of retired servicemen and women to the nation's capital.

He was able to work one full day but on the second day he was approached by a park police officer who 'looked like Robocop' and ordered him to leave. ''Then this one cop, a big ... guy, he had me scared, and I'm six-foot-two and 225 pounds. I don't get intimidated easily. I mean, I had a chainsaw. But he was being a bully."
He said he told the officer that it broke his heart to see newspaper photos showing the Mall in disrepair after the shutdown began."I'm not here trying to make headlines,I'm here trying to prevent headlines. He says to me, "Well, maybe there should be a picture of the trash cans overflowing in the newspaper. Maybe that would help us."'
"I disagree, he said "Do you want all the veterans coming here and tripping over banana peels, and dirty diapers, and everything? These are our memorials."

Lest that matter of fact national pride fool you into thinking this guy is some kind of no talent loser check him out on his day job.

Did Anyone buy Obamacare Insurance?

Here is a quote I gleaned from an online post. I'll omit the writer's name but this kind of thinking or the lack there of is what got us to the mess that is Obamacare.
WTF?? I thought Obamacare was supposed to be FREE! I discovered that it will cost me MORE money than my current plan for LESS coverage! I'm disabled and my current plan costs $398 a month. It pays 100% after I pay $1500 a year out of pocket. Obamacare will cost me $759 and I STILL have to pay 80% of all charges.... and I have a lot of charges. This is a complete SCAM!
This poor mope thought he was getting free healthcare and after rushing to sign up finds his cost have nearly doubled. Sticker shock? I imagine it was more like sticker hysteria. After reviewing comments of several people who have trekked to healthcare. gov I would make this about the worst case of user disappointment but the theme that the new insurance is too costly is made redundantly.
Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this folly is that after one full week no one in the media has located anyone who purchased insurance through the exchanges. It's like wondering who bought the winning Powerball ticket.

Again the same theme.

If the website you're on actually works, it belongs to identity thieves. Don't go there!
No sign ups in El Paso either.

There is no shortage of videos documenting this online torture. I like this one where the automated phone support hangs up on the reporter. Hey remember Apple? They had trouble in the beginning but they didn't just quit on the I-Phone. Then again remember the Ford Pinto and the Ford Edsel and the new Coke.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Book Em, Danno

Here's a feel good story for you. New York is safe at last. Ironically, I went to a Nam vet's funeral on Monday. This would not even be plausible five years ago.

I am not entirely sympathetic to some of these people's objectives. "Wars of empire." The John Kerry soundalike atrocity guy at 6:06. And enforcing park curfews in New York has gone a long way to revitalize the city. But remember the Occupy vermin? If they can defecate in the street, we can cut these guys some slack.


Steve Lonegan's story

Steve Lonegan's election bid for the Senate may not succeed but he is a success story.

Megyn Kelly Blows Away Morgan & Maddow

Eat your hearts out, Piers Morgan and Rachel Maddow. Megyn Kelly racked up more viewers than both of you combined. The numbers are:

FNC’s The Kelly File: 2,066,368 total viewers (289,264 in A25-54)

CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight: 529,946 total viewers (144,602 in A25-54)

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show: 997,466 total viewers (298,543 in A25-54

Senator Sessions Blasts Tea Party Slander

God bless Senator Jeff Sessions. He wasn't with us in the beginning but I've yet to hear from either of the GOP's last two presidential candidates such a ringing defense of the Tea Party. He blasted Senator Chuck Schumer "and many of our Democratic colleagues" of "conducting a sustained and direct attack on the millions of people who supported and identified with the Tea Party movement." He said this goes on "virtually every day" in the Senate. 
"Make no mistake about it," Sessions said. "They don't respect the people in the people in the Tea Party Movement."

Then he lays his finger on the motivation for the attacks. Fear! The Tea Party movement spontaneously rose up and "clobbered a bunch of Democratic Senators and House members" in the 2010 midterm elections and "switched the whole majority in the House by a big number."

One More Conspiracy?

Barack Obama should be facing impeachment for his use of the IRS to squelch political dissent. Then there is the Beghazi thing and the Fast and Furious thing and things labeled "phony scandals."

The Administration is scared of truth seeing the light of day. They have DOJ and The Senate in their pocket. By the way, this is a departure from the norm. Political parties have not always obstructed justice for party leaders but this is not your father's Democratic Party either. But truth is, Eric Holder and Harry Reid have obstructed justice.

Which brings us to the lower House of Congress. I am not certain that the Chicago Mob hasn't infiltrated the GOP-held Congress. They seem to have corrupted The Supreme Court, so why not the GOP? And let's not even mention the news media.

Assuming the House GOP has not been blackmailed or bought off, it is the only vehicle for finding truth. The thugs might have gotten to Cantor and Boehner but I don't think they have compromised Chaffetz or Jordan or Gowdy. Yet, Congress can't seem to get into gear with any of the "phony scandals." There is always an Obama-induced cog in the wheel. A new war or a new budget crisis. What is going on?

The Administration is confident but scared. Things are great but if the "phony scandals" cannot be swept under the rug, game over. The Administration seems to want to run out the clock. Keep Congress fighting fires and win the House in 2014. Truth will forever be occluded.

We are witnessing the machinations of evil. The slow motion death of America. The slaughter of truth and the mutilation of her ravaged corpse. Hope and change and run out the clock. Is the budget fight just one more tactical conspiracy?

World War II Vets, No! Illegal Immigrants, Yes!

What used to seem like a series of faux pas now seems to be a deliberate ongoing assault on American traditions, American values and for that matter, Americans.

The Obama Administration is one long display of the middle finger. Keep the World War II vets and the Vietnam Vets out of their memorials but open the National Mall for illegal immigrants.

This is so emblematic of all things Obama.

Biker off duty cop was pounding on SUV with fists

An unreleased video shows the unidentified off duty undercover cop who claims to have arrived to late to help Alexian Lien actually pounding the vehicle with his fists at the height of the bloody road-rage attack.
Dietary expert and political slush fund bundler, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has, after being asked, finally voiced an opinion on the officer's conduct. At that time the officer was only being accused of doing nothing as opposed to participating in the attack.
“I think we all, no matter what your job is, have an obligation to help one another,’’ Mayor Bloomberg said . “And if you see somebody getting beaten up, you know, let’s go jump in and stop the fight.” Right your honor! See something say something.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Woman calls ambulance, cops come and kill fiance

A woman calls 911 for an ambulance because she is worried about the medication her fiance took for his diabetes. Instead the cops show up and kill him. Police say he was holding two weapons which they do not identify, they say he raised one of the weapons in a threatening manner so they shot him. Good God! What if he was delusional and combative? They could have just shut the door and left until they had the manpower to take him peacefully. To its credit the Waycross, Georgia Police Department did request a state investigation.

Iowa Republican Party Urges Motorists NOT to Allow Vehicle Searches

At last a Republican Party that stands for something! The Iowa Republican Party is urging the public not to submit to searches without a warrant and to video and audio record interactions with police.


by Republican Party of Iowa
Central Iowa police are planning “traffic safety checkpoints” in Polk county on friday night. The Iowa GOP strongly urges you NOT to give in to any illegal searches of your car. Only comply by providing your license, registration and insurance if requested.
The Iowa GOP also reminds you that record police officers, both with audio and video is completely LEGAL and has been upheld numerous times by numerous courts. Be sure to have an objective “witness” by recording your conversations with police.
So if you’re around Des Moines friday night and come across an unnecessary “random” police checkpoint, be sure to:
1. Record the conversation
2. Comply only with license, registration and insurance
3. Do not volunteer any additional information and do not permit a search of your vehicle for any reason.
4. Send the Iowa GOP any audio and video you have of your interactions with police.
“Authorities said vehicles will be systematically chosen by officers to enter the checkpoint. For example, it may be decided that every fifth vehicle will be directed to a station within the checkpoint.”
See more here.

DHS Officer Fires at Motorist During Fit of Road Rage

From NBC 6 in South Florida
An off-duty Department of Homeland Security agent was arrested following a road rage incident in which he caught up to a car that had cut him off, pulled out his gun and shot the vehicle as it drove away, Boca Raton Police said. Angel Echevarria, 40, said the driver of the red Toyota struck him and his wife before he fired one round in front of a Nordstrom. He said he was trying to shoot out the tire of the car, according to a probable cause affidavit .A police officer wrote, however, that Echevarria, acting as a civilian, had no legal authority to fire his gun at an occupied vehicle, Police said he faces three counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and one count of shooting into an occupied vehicle for the Sept. 7 incident.
One has to admire the professionalism federal workers have displayed during the sequester and the government shutdown.

Meet Peolple Online Who Share Your Interests

You meet the neatest people online. Colorado shooter James Holmes set up accounts with both Adult Friend Finder and Match.Com before he went on his shooting rage.

Government By Tantrum

Every time you think the Obama Administration has gone as low as it can go, they unveil another layer in the vain, vapid and childish onion that is the Executive Branch under Barack Hussein Obama.
In a move that is being driven by monumental hubris,  the Obama Administration has informed Florida charter boat operators that they are not allowed to take customers fishing in the Florida Bay until the feds get back to work. The Park Service has verboten use of 1,100 square miles or prime fishing between the tip of Florida to the Keys.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Functions of volume, my ass

U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park said the government expected to draw 50,000 to 60,000 simultaneous users, but instead it has drawn as many as 250,000 at a time since it launched Oct. 1.
Park's comments are the administration's most detailed explanation for the glitches that have frustrated millions of consumers who have tried to enter the site or complete applications for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.
"These bugs were functions of volume,'' Park said. "Take away the volume and it works.''
Oh, really. Then just add more servers and your problem is solved. This is not about volume rather just cover for the lack thereof. Please explain to the public how Mark Zuckerberg was able to run Facebook on a server in his dorm and HHS with unlimited resources cannot sell a single policy on its first day online.
Considering that you must sign up almost 39,000 people per day for the next 180 days to reach your goal of 7 million why would you design a site to accommodate 50,000 to 60,000 visitors? Are we to believe the administration expects to sign up 7 million people in 50,000 group increment that will presumably queue up around the clock? Really? I have to get up early tomorrow so I can shop for healthcare at 4 AM.
Chris Wallace seems to share my skepticism. "Do you not know how many people have signed up, which would seem to indicate another software glitch, or is it that the number is embarrassingly small?"