Saturday, September 21, 2013

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Bearcat to Concord?


Friday, September 20, 2013

The Case Against Optimism

Yes, it is fun to chuckle at college students who are this stupid. It is also sad. Every generation makes snide remarks about the next and the next but we are witnessing a sea change.

What makes Millenials different from all that precede them is that they are stupid by choice. Stupid is stylish. It is a badge of honor. Keep in mind that USC is a tough school to gain admission and tuition is considerably steeper than at Trump University. I stopped embedding stupid college videos because there are too many of them and after we giggle at the clowns we are left with a melancholic aftertaste that just will not go away no matter how much we brush and rinse and floss. The mirth comes at a price.

But who can divert their eyes from a train wreck?


Guess Which Transparent Chief Executive Met In Secret (Again) With Editors Of An Objective, Non-Partisan Newspaper

Let's have a real debate on debt level

If one accepts the proposition that the escalating federal debt is a threat to the prosperity of the country and inimical to the national interest then Congress is obligated not to raise the debt limit. Rather than raise the limit Congress should decide which government goods and services the country can do without and not fund any part of them. Congressman Paul Ryan has produced a budget that will balance sometime in the indefinite future but Senator Rand Paul would cut half a trillion in the first year. Paul's budget would terminate the Departments of Energy, Education, Housing and Urban Development and most of Labor and the beauty is the average American would not even miss them.
Paul first introduced his budget in 2011. It got only 7 votes in the Senate. Obama's budget, on the other hand got no votes, crashing in a 97 to 0 defeat. Other agency that would go under the knife in Paul's budget would be the the Corporation for Public Broadcast, 100% cut, National Endowment for the Arts, cut 100%, Consumer products Safety Commission, cut 100%.
According to a recent ABC-Washington Post poll only 46% of the public want to raise the debt limit while 43% oppose doing so. Let's get this straight. Not borrowing more money is not the same thing as welching on one's debts. Default is not the logical result of not raising the debt ceiling. As long as interest is paid on the debt and Social Security and Medicare payments are made there is no default. As both of these programs bring in significant cash and have over 2 trillion in the trust funds they would remain solvent for years. Eventually they will both go broke if benefits are not adjusted to revenues but no faster absent a rise in debt level.
At the very least the Republicans should insist on the complete elimination of one or more departments as a sign that Obama is willing to bargain in good faith.

Graft By Any Other Name...

There are tangible benefits to promoting Obama's agenda. General Electric, parent company of MSNBC, pays no corporate taxes. Facebook received an unexplained colossal tax break. Maybe we should not be surprised that Google has cashed in as well.

People have gone to prison for much less than this.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Boehner buckles; CR will defund Obamacare

It's funny how these movements that are given zero chance to succeed do indeed succeed. It's way too early to declare victory but one major obstacle, Speaker Boehner, has been co-opted. He has pledged to pass a continuing resolution that defends Obamacare.

Update:  Heritage Praises Boehner. From Michael Needham, Heritage Action’s CEO: We applaud House leadership for putting forward a continuing resolution that will ensure taxpayers are not forced to spend another dime on this failed law. Americans understand Obamacare is unworkable and unaffordable because it is already separating patients from their doctors and employees from their employers. Now, Senate Democrats and President Obama must make a decision: shut down the government to protect a destructive, unpopular law or acknowledge Obamacare has failed and cannot be salvaged.

Video: Shooter tells FBI he chose target from SPLC list

The Family Research Council shooter, Floyd Lee Corkins, will be sentenced this week. He pleaded guilty to three charges; committing an act of terrorism while armed, assault with intent to kill while armed and interstate transportation of a firearm and ammunition for the shooting. Readers will remember he shot and wounded a security guard at the FRC. Although wounded, the guarded managed to subdue him. Corkins selected the FRC as a target after it was identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center which the defendant reveals in this video of his interrogation by the FBI.

Trucker to Clog DC Traffic for Three Days

It's too early to speculate on the success of the “Truckers To Shut Down America” planned demonstration in Washington on October 11 through 13 but it cannot fail any worse than the million Muslim march which had only a few 9/11 truthers and even fewer Muslims. Like the Overpasses to Impeach Obama movement this operation seems to be coming from nowhere but the grassroots. Truckers, here is a Facebook link if you would like to clog up the nation's capital.

House will vote to defund Obamacare

House leadership has been forced to into defunding Obamacare. According to Robert Costa at NRO Boehner and Cantor will soon announce at today's Republican conference meeting that a continuing resolution that defunds Obamacare will be brought up for a vote. Score that as a victory for the Tea Party as the House leadership caved to the unrelenting pressure from Tea Party groups and the general public besieging the House's email servers and phone lines.
The CR should clear the House but once in the Senate it will be up to Cruz and Lee to round up the votes. Remember Minority Leader McConnell is facing a primary challenger and killing Obamacare would enhance his bone fides as a true conservative. For Democratic Senators Begich, Hagan, Landrieu, Pryor, and Shaheen this vote could be the make or break vote of their careers especially if Obamacare becomes the train wreck it is predicted to be.
Should the CR fail in the Senate it's expected the Republicans would revert to "plan B" which would continue funding Obamacare at the price of deeper cuts to the federal budget.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Police place 14 year old in choke hold after "dehumanizing stare"

Sometimes, if not always, in these cases the explanation is worse than the tort. Okay, so the kid has got a scratch on his back and the puppy's paw is hurt but both will recover but what kind of an adult perceives a 14 year old kid with a puppy in his arms as a threat that had to be neutralized? Would this be the proper reaction for a school teacher? Would this behavior be tolerated by the school board even if the teacher alleged he or she was given a "dehumanizing stare"? The kid was saying, "eat shit" and the cop knew it and he lost his temper. Police training has not kept pace with video technology so when a cop is caught assaulting a citizen on camera the offender and his supervisors strain both the publics patience and credulity with imbecile explanations.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

White House Trolls for Sequester Victims

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Got the sequester blues? Then tell the White House all about it. The cuts to federal programs as the result of the sequester are so limited the White House website has to troll for victims

Cop Defends Constitution Against Airport Bureaucrat

We have been pretty hard on law enforcement on this blog lately as we have posted videos of police abusing citizens and the constitution. It is a great pleasure to post the below video wherein an honest cop defends the first amendment rights of a videographer over the objections of a rather officious airport public relations bureaucrat.