Saturday, January 26, 2013

In Defense of Cocksuckers

In a previous post about Matt Damon, I quipped "BEST PERFORMANCE BY A SMUG COCKSUCKER." This is an insult to cocksuckers the world over and I now take this opportunity to apologize to every one of them. This is a sincere apology, not one of those "if I may have offended anyone..." kinds of bullshit apologies. I genuinely apologize for comparing anyone to Matt Damon and in this case the aggrieved party is the cocksucker.

The term cocksucker is both an anti-gay and anti-female slur. The women I have most respected and admired could accurately be called cocksuckers. Here is a giant hug for every last one of you.

One of the negative stereotypes of gay men is that the are cowardly. Pansies. Sissies. Queens. This is a stereotype that does not hold up to the light of truth. Gay men (and women too) have served nobly in our armed forces. I do not hold strong opinions on everything (like Don't Ask, Don't Tell) but I do believe that a soldier who has dodged bullets and IED's for my sake should be given a pass on his love life (with the usual disclaimer that comes with security clearance, potential for blackmail and so on.)

It is not just gay men in the armed forces who have displayed uncommon courage. Two of the human beings I most respect are Kevin Dujan and Larry Sinclair, especially the latter. Larry Sinclair is uncommonly brave. He has weathered the slings and arrows of Obama thugs, Biden thugs and media thugs (excuse me if I repeat myself) and he is still standing.

Understand, Larry Sinclair has endured his persecution while holding the belief that an acquaintance of his, possibly two acquaintances, have been murdered by people close to Barack Obama. Sinclair believes that two members of Trinity United Church of Christ were killed to silence them about their intimate contact with Barack Obama.

From what I can tell, Larry Sinclair is not getting wealthy from his fifteen minutes of fame. He wants to tell the truth about Donald Young and he wants to tell the world about Barack Obama's cocaine usage, which seems to be more recent than the autobiographer has indicated. Larry Sinclair values truth above all else. Larry Sinclair is a patriot.

To all whom this might apply, please accept my sincere apology.

The Worship Continues

This website produced a much better video on this subject but the foolishness kept right on coming.

Jamie Foxx and the editors of "Newsweek" and creepy brainwashed children should keep you awake at night. Unless you drank the Kool-Aid.

The most disturbing aspect of Obama worship is that he has never resisted it. He never said "hey you are embarrassing me" or asked the sycophants to tone it down. No, he has been an active participant in his deification. He is comfortable with his God complex.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Whither The Obot?

Houston, we have a problem. Sixty two thousand Americans worshipping a cult figure would be a news story. Sixty two million Americans worshipping a cult leader is the new normal.

This is not the return of Bill Clinton or Jimmy Carter or FDR. Nope. This is more like Jim Jones rising from the grave and snaking his way into the White House.

Whither the Obot? Is his loyalty unending? Is his love unconditional? Is his faith in his messiah unyielding? The answers seem to be yes, yes and yes.

The human race has a long history of leader worship and the leaders always prove themselves to be human and unworthy of adoration. The faithful always look stupid in retrospect. Oh but the bliss they knew at the time!

The American spirit was traditionally skeptical of kings and emperors and wannabe messiahs. Times have changed.

These things do not usually end well. I suspect this mass idolatry will also crash and burn. But don't let me kill your buzz.