Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why don't we meet at Cracker Barrel, Jessie?

My partner here noted early in the controversy that A&E needed the Robertson family much more than the family needed it. There are probably a dozen cable channels that that would be more than happy to sign them. It was predictable that the family would prevail and that A&E would publicly eat crow. C'est la vie. What amuses me are two bit players who were not involved in the fight yet jumped in and proceeded to embarrass themselves to the amusement of the news media and the general public.
Cracker Barrel, the restaurant chain, is much loved by my down home in-laws but is a total culinary disaster in my estimation. If you remember Cool hand Luke this is the sort of food that would have had George Kennedy and Paul Newman banging their tin cups on the table. You're better off eating twice at Fazoli's twice for the same money. In any event, for those who don't have a Cracker Barrel in their area about a third of the building is devoted to a sort of folksy general store type gift shop where they sell tacky what nots, country music cd's and the Duck Dynasty merchandise both offensive and inoffensive. Offensive merchandise, in Cracker Barrel's opinion, is DD merchandise with Phil Robertson's likeness on it and for a whole 24 hours it was verboten. Then, as the rage on Face Book built and I suspect the sale of Christmas season gift cards declined, management had an epiphany and said, in effect, that they would gladly sell merchandise even if they did think it was offensive because they listen to their customers. Exactly what that says about their assessment of their customers' character I'm not sure but they folded nonetheless. 
Enter Jesse Jackson the king of tolerance who was good enough to add "Hymietown" to the lexicon of racial tolerance. The reverend and Anheuser Busch distributorship owner demanded, yes demanded, a meeting with the managements of both A&E and Cracker Barrel. What's interesting here is that Jackson's demand was issued on December 23 with a request that the meeting take place within 72 hours.
And a Merry Christmas to you too, Jessie. Who wouldn't want to forgo Christmas with the family and catch a plane to Chicago during the holiday rush just to hear Jackson pontificate? Unless you know your way around Google better than I do there is no evidence that either of the two management teams even acknowledged the demand let alone met with Jackson. Who could blame the reverend if he never demanded another meeting again? Take a seat in Cracker Barrel, Jessie, and listen to the country laugh.

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