Saturday, December 7, 2013

Think you're Harvard material?

Think you're Harvard material? Don't sell yourself short. Chances are you could carry and A average and graduate with honors. Put it this way. The odds favor that you will graduate with honors as 60% of graduates do. In a brief concession to common sense Harvard set the limit at 60% as graduating 90% honors students looked a little too silly. The most common grade at Harvard is an A-. The University issued this curiously worded statement to ABC news.
We believe that learning is the most important thing that happens in our classrooms and throughout our system of residential education,” the school said in a statement from spokesman Jeff Neal. “The faculty are focused on creating positive and lasting learning outcomes for our undergraduates. We watch and review trends in grading across Harvard College, but we are most interested in helping our students learn and learn well.
I'm sure you are as glad as I am that Harvard considers learning the most thing that happens in its classrooms. Dad would probably not be apt to shell out $54,496 per year if the most important thing was drinking or hooking up but when Harvard sweetens the deal by throwing in a positive and lasting learning outcome as opposed to a mere education, well,  that's an offer no one can refuse.

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