Friday, November 1, 2013

When Will The Media Turn On Obama?

Maybe it will never happen. It's not as if the news media and the Obama Administration are separate and distinct. No political entity in American history has done such a masterful job of infiltrating, corrupting and polluting the news and entertainment media. The cross-pollination will be with us for years to come.

But the Clintons also have their media allies. So too, do Democratic stalwarts not beholden to either the Clinton Camp or Team Obama. And let us not rule out the emergence of whistle blowers, traitors, scorned lovers, disgruntled employees, opportunists with ghost writers, journalists with agents and the occasional Sharyl Atkisson (Did I spell both names right this time?) Honeymoons conclude and even smart people wake up and ask the eternal question, "Who the bleep did I marry?"

The media do have a track record. For decades the news media have created idols that they later destroyed. It's a double pay day. Cash in on their ascent and get richer on the crash and burn. Ka-ching.

I expected the media to turn on Obama about as fast as they turned on Vanilla Ice. That has not happened. They are keeping the lid on a half dozen or so "phony scandals" and there is now the train wreck formerly known as Obamacare. Be forewarned, David Axelrod: The honeymoon's conclusion does not arrive with an engraved notice.

So maybe loyalty will carry the day and the media will carry Barry's water till death do them part. However, that's not the way I would bet. As the skins are stripped away from the onion we don't know what we will see but we know the onion will make us cry. If Hillary--or any other Democrat--wants to win an election in 2016, they will have to distance themselves from Barack Obama.

It might behoove the Dems to throw Obama overboard sooner rather than later. Americans have notoriously short memories and it might serve the Dems to be a little proactive in their house cleaning. Strategically, sooner would be better than later. These are strange times but a shark will eventually show its fins. There is blood in the water and I would not want to swim too close to the big fish.

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