Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Virginia Election

I have been holding off any post about the Virginia gubernatorial election pending the result so that I can say, "See. Told you so." 

I am rooting for Cuccinelli. With 30% of the votes counted, Cooch has 51.4%, McAuliffe 41.4% and Sarvis 7.1%. Of course Cooch does better in less populous areas and they count their votes before the cities count theirs. Sad but true, cheating has become a staple of the Democratic playbook and illegal aliens and dead people will probably add their votes later in the evening. I hope they do not tip the scales.

My comments about Republicans and conservatives welcoming libertarians into the tent seems to be misunderstood by my readers. It's the writer's fault if he cannot make his point. Sorry about that one.

There are so many angles to this race. The Dems once more will significantly outspend the GOP ($34M to $19M.) The Dems brought out all of their heavy hitters. The GOP establishment is hardly assisting Cuccinelli, prompting Rush Limbaugh to suggest that they are helping the Dems. The media have smeared Cuccinelli at every opportunity (why can't you be more like that nice Christie boy?) There is the Libertarian drain. Ron Paul supporting Cuccinelli as Gary Johnson supports Sarvis.

Regardless of outcome, this election will be talked about for a long time to come. The spinmeisters will have a field day with this one.

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