Thursday, November 7, 2013

The President Lied?

So what's new? In my lifetime, Barack Obama has been the only public figure to be granted a license to lie. He is by nature duplicitous and deceitful but he has been emboldened by a sympathetic, sometimes even cooperative press.

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period." Blatant falsehood, yes. Surprising? No! Remember that Barack Obama's autobiography contained at least three dozen significant falsehoods. These were substantial whoppers that advanced a political narrative. Kenyans tortured by white men, Indonesians tortured by white people, "composite girlfriends", etc. One lie surpassed all others. His mother's death was not due to the action or inaction of evil insurance barons. Not even close. But Obama would pimp his own mother's suffering and death to advance a national health care initiative. Can't let a crisis go to waste.

The Benghazi cover-up was a series of lies that set a new standard for ridiculousness. The president only knew about the IRS abuse after Lois Lerner went public. Oh really? I was informed of this for almost two years ahead of the president by several sources. It was common knowledge. Liar!

There was the NSA and the NSA and the NSA and the president was not informed each time. There are entire websites that try nobly to track the administration's flood of falsehood. It's a full
time job. Meanwhile, we have talking heads who ask about the president's credibility with a straight face. Why start now?

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