Sunday, October 27, 2013

What IF They Gave An Auction And No One Came?

I'll cut to the chase. Our Federal government has opened up some of its vast holdings to accommodate solar panels. Imagine becoming the next solar baron and jetting around with the rich and famous. Who could afford to thumb their nose at this lucrative and pr-enhancing action?

Everyone, so it seems. The first round of bids brought zero bidders. That is a zero like nothing. Zilch. Nill. Goose egg. Place holder. Empty set. Nada. In other words, the response was less than optimum.

Solar panels follow Moore's Law with one slight variation. Insted of an eighteen month cycle, solar panels are on a thirty year cycle. Every three decades solar panels double their energy output and become half as expensive (in hard to find real dollars) to purchase. One hundred years from now, solar energy will be the energy of the future.

From Foxnews...
Federal officials are trying to figure out why the Bureau of Land Management's first-ever auction of public land for solar-energy development failed to attract any bids.
According to the Denver Post, no bidders showed up for the first auction for three parcels of land in Colorado's San Luis Valley, even though five solar development companies had expressed interest in the land.
Three parcels covering 3,700 acres in so-called solar-energy zones were offered on Thursday. The bureau has created 19 zones for large solar projects in six Western states, encompassing nearly 300,000 acres, the newspaper reported.

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