Sunday, October 20, 2013

If Ken Cuccinnelli Loses, Will Ann Coulter Step Up And Accept Responsibility For His Loss?

I can't let the Libertarian and Tea Party situation go just yet. When people refer to the Republican establishment they usually refer to Reince Preibus or Karl Rove or the Bush Family, John Sununu and people of that ilk. Remember though, that there is a GOP Fifth Estate who subscribe to a scorched Earth, 'those who are not for us are against us' approach to matters political. Ann Coulter is the Miss Congeniality of this personity.

A gauge of how far the GOP has drifted into a pro-bureaucracy, pro-statist, pro-Beltway current is enrollment in and support of Libertarian Party candidates. The LP peaked in the late 1970's. They were destroyed by the quasi-libertarian rhetoric of Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately, Reagan's actions would not harmonize with his rhetoric but from a purely political perspective, Reagan was successful.

In 2013, the LP has hit a new high water mark. The Virginia LP gubernatorial candidate is polling at 9-13 per cent. You can credit Bush and McCain and Romney for these numbers. You can tip your hat to the consultants too but let's not forget to give a shout out to the Ann Coulters of the world.

For as long as there has been libertarianism, a Libertarian Party and libertarian candidates we have had highly paid media hacks who dismiss their social inferiors with a roll of the eyes and a "Do you still peddle heroin to children?" sort of question. Not just the CBS/ABC/NBC shills but Fox and Hannity and Limbaugh as well. Being that the lead question is always the same, when Coulter is given a chance to field the subject she wags her finger at her audience for their lack of priorities.

Coulter says that this audience wants to discuss drug legalization because they want to "suck up" to liberals. That presupposes the leftist support of drug legalization. The political class views drug prohibition as just one more vehicle to line the pockets of political contributors.

In fairness to "the mob" Coulter calls them a foul name and then is indignant when she gets booed. Come on, Ann. This is a long way from getting shouted down by a bunch of Occupants. This group politely lets you make your point, whatever that point was supposed to be.

As previously mentioned, Coulter was on "The Howie Carr Show" blaming Cuccinnelli's woes on the Libertarians. Howie chimed in by the way, blaming the corrupt John Tierney's re-election on the Massachusetts Libertarian Party. Howie too, is snide when addressing libertarians. Rudeness to libertarian types is de rigueur in the Conservative Media Club.

Ann, you can probably get more voters with honey than with feces but who am I to advise someone of your stature? Not everyone finds your middle finger so endearing. Unfortunately, you might have inflicted collateral damage. If Terry McAuliffe wins the governorship, I do hope he invites you to his inauguration. I hope Bill and Hillary give you deep, wet kisses. You deserve it.


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Hoosierman said...

I would say about the only area of disagreement is on social issues. Here, it strikes me as being about the same as between reform and orthodox Jews. Yeah, feel the same way but not so much. I met the president of our County Libertarian Party at the Tea Party protest outside the IRS. He told me he has been asked by several people to run for mayor. If he does I'm sure he will get help from many members of the Tea Party including myself.