Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Idiotic Judge and Police Chief Get Innocent Boy Dog Bitten

I'm beginning to think that the reason the country lost the war on drugs is because the drug dealers are a damn sight smarter than the opposition. Take for example Clay County Superior Court Judge J. Blaine Akers. He's so goddam stupid that he thinks the proper response for the judiciary to the war on drugs is to gather a bunch of 5th graders in his court to witness and take part in a drug search. What could possibly go wrong? Well the stupid drug sniffing dog bit the kid who was cooperating in the simulation. Naturally the judge is too embarrassed by his judicial ignorance to comment citing an ongoing insurance investigation. Try that the next time you have an auto accident. "I really don't want to tell you I ran a stop sign, Judge Akers, because there is an ongoing insurance investigation."
Then there is Brazil Police Chief Clint McQueen. That's Brazil, Indiana, hometown of the late Jimmy Hoffa. McQueen says, "Wish it hadn't happened like that but it did. We are trying to evaluate (the incident) to make sure nothing like this happens again."
I have an idea. Leave the kids in school where they belong instead of serving up propaganda masked as education. Next year during Red Ribbon Awareness week spend the entire week trying to to teach your cops how to direct traffic as it seems every time I happen upon a traffic accident it's a civilian directing traffic while three police officers sit in their cars. Try to learn police skills from some source other than  public service announcements. Childhood is too short to waste watching community leaders make fools of themselves. Fight your own drug war and leave the kids out of it.