Friday, October 18, 2013

Grambling Football Team Goes on Strike

I have never heard of anything like this ever happening. Grambling will forfeit its game with Jackson State because the team refuses to make the trip. Once Grambling had one of the best programs in college football. See the list of players Grambling sent to the NFL. With the forfeiture Saturday, Grambling will have lost 18 straight games. It is 0-7 this season and has fired two coaches in two months. I don't know the circumstances surrounding the team's decision but I do regret that this has happened to once proud Grambling. More.

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worldsbiggestloser said...

Grambling has never recovered from integration. There was a time when schools like Grambling and Tennessee State had a lock on southern African-American talent. As well, a lot of these schools would play their games in large cities in front of mostly African-American crowds. Today the great athletes play in the SEC and people in Chicago can watch them on TV.