Saturday, October 19, 2013

Further Reflections On Libertarians and The Tea Party.

The Tea Party was formed on the premise of fiscal conservatism and a reaction to Federal overreach. Libertarians are by definition advocates of limited government and by definition they are fiscally conservative. From its genesis the Tea Party was quasi-libertarian. One might say it was libertarianism with a narrow focus.

Time passed and the Tea Party and its members were harassed by the Obama Administration. But let's put the actions of Latter Day Fascists aside for a moment and concern ourselves with another development. The Tea Party was co-opted by opportunists. That should not surprise anyone over the age of twelve. It's part of the game. Remember the over the hill political starlets who aligned themselves with Ross Perot's Reform Party?

As opportunists go, this was a bleak harvest. After making a career of defending Republicans and Neo-Cons, Sean Hannity jumped on the bandwagon. The same could be said for most of talk radio. Hacks like Tommy Thompson launched their comebacks. Professional publicity-seeker Joe Arpaio strongarmed the spotlight. The Larouchians crashed town hall meetings. There were Mourdocks and Akins and Teavangelicals at every turn.

The media did their part to distort basic facts. Big-spending Tea Party antithesis Rick Santorum was often referred to as a Tea Party candidate. He expressed his disdain for all things fiscally sane by proposing a tax-driven war on "the scourge of pornography." Nothing wrong with big government if it is staffed with moral people. Spending isn't spending when we do the spending.

Santorum confirmed once more that fiscal conservatism is not compatible with social conservatism. The social conservative always defaults to increased spending. Always. Always. Always. See George Bush and the GOP vintage 2000-2006.

Ordinarily, fringe group rivalries are not always significant. However, Libertarians and the Tea Party are no longer so fringey and a gubernatorial election hangs in the balance. Ken Cuccinelli is a great guy. As Attorney General of Virginia he lead the legal fight against Obamacare. He is in a tight race with Democratic hack Terry McAuliffe. The margin of difference in the polling is about 9% which happens to be the number at which the Libertarian candidate is polling.

Since adolescence I have been either a small l, lower case libertarian, a quasi-libertarian or a libertarian sympathizer. Events like 9/11 have tempered my radical individualist perspective as have the opinions of upper case, large L Libertarians. The dictionary defines a libertarian as one who believes in free will. That would be me.

The discord between Libertarians and the Tea Party is a contrivance. However, the Dems are doing their best to exploit the situation. Out of nowhere these Lib v TP vids have sprouted up on Youtube. They are posted by more than one member who have not previously posted many videos and who it seems, have not been on Youtube for an extended time.

The bogus vids leave their Obot fingerprints everywhere. This is Pink Panther/Keystone Cop sleuth. The Tea Party characters are ditzy social conservatives and if that doesn't give it away, the Libertarians are Kool-Aid-soaked Obama worshippers.

I have never met a Libertarian or libertarian who has lost any sleep over the Ground Zero Mosque or the Birthers beating up on the pampered teacher's pet. At 2:27 of the first video they go off the rails and actually state that under Obama and the Dems Federal taxes have been lowered "in every measurable way." Even in the Obama era of optional truth you would think they would choose a less obvious lie.

If Ken Cuccinelli loses, it will not be due to these bogus Youtube vids. I will blame the GOP establishment, one hundred per cent. In the meantime, please enjoy the cheesy ass efforts of agent provocateur wannabes.



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