Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rand Paul Preps for the Primaries

Naturally Senator Rand Paul has made no mention of a primary run but there are always the telltale signs such as trips to the early primary states, Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Paul has 2 trips planned for Iowa. On May 20 he will speak in New Hampshire and then it's off to the Reagan library for a lecture on May 31. South Carolina? He endorsed Mark Sanford who is struggling to win a House seat in a special election to replace Tim Scott but remains a commanding force in South Carolina politics.
Doug Stafford, who is widely seen as Paul’s closest adviser, will soon resign as chief of staff presumably to manage Paul’s national political operation. Stafford, a long time conservative activist worked for Ron Paul until 2010 when he left to manage Rand's campaign. He will run Paul’s political-action committees, RAND PAC and Rand Paul for U.S. Senate. It looks like all systems are go.

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