Saturday, May 4, 2013

Radical Islamic Material Found on Katherine Russell's hard Drive

Doesn't that damn al Qaeda’s Inspire magazine ever run a post explaining how to swap out a hard drive on a laptop? The Daily Mail reports that radical Islamic material has been found on Katherine Russell's laptop. That finding together with traces of explosives found on the kitchen table in the apartment she shared with the late Tamerlan Tsarnaev is beginning to make Ms Russell look like an accomplice in the Boston Marathon bombing. BTW the above photo is mug shot from a shop lifting arrest. She stole $67 worth of Old Navy merchandise in Warwick, Rhode Island. It's not as though she was destitute. Here's a picture of her parents' home.


worldsbiggestloser said...

$67 from Old Navy? What kind of low class scamps does Rode Island produce? Her mother-in-law stole $1600 from Lord and Taylor.
Guess Tamerlan married down, huh.

Hoosierman said...

It's funny how certain crimes run in families. Here it's shoplifting; with the Clintons it's perjury.

worldsbiggestloser said...

Hold on one second. Chelsea Clinton has yet to perjure herself.