Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lucky New York City Targeted For Gun Giveaway

This headline from the New York Daily News should give Mayor Bloomberg heartburn. New York City gun giveaway planned by Armed Citizen Project. Maybe they'll throw in a 64 oz soda just to make sure the point is well taken. Armed Citizen Project is one of those non profit organizations that are so dear to the hearts of liberal activists but this should send the left screaming for a new tax code.

Kyle Coplen, the 29 year old founder of ACP wants to give every resident of a high crime area who can pass a background check a free $200 shotgun and a course in gun safety.
“We’re coming — and we’re going to get shotguns into the hands of responsible citizens,” said Coplen.
Mayor Bloomberg and his Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly whose department has racked up a pretty impressive kill ratio shooting unarmed New Yorkers, point to the city's restrictive gun laws as their last refuge.
“That’s a legal fight I’m definitely willing to engage them on,” said Coplen.
Armed Citizen Project has already given guns to 35 homeowners in the gritty Oak Forest suburb of north Houston.
The NYPD says the fee to apply for a shotgun permit is $140.00, plus a fingerprinting charge of $91.50.
The agency can deny permits to those who fail background checks, have a criminal history, have a poor driving record, or have committed other infractions. It also can say no if investigators decide an applicant “lack(s) character.”

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