Sunday, May 5, 2013

Latest PPP Poll Put Sanford Up 1 Over Busch-Colbert

I have thought for sometime that former Governor and Congressional wannabe Mark Sanford could find more personal fulfillment in a soap opera. A compilation of his press conferences explaining the allure of his new found soul mate in a far off land would almost make a mini-series. Seldom is the press bored when covering the sexual escapades of a serving politician but Sanford had them nodding off by the time he retired from public life. No sooner had his political comeback begun when he was busted for trespassing in the ex's house.
Elizabeth Colbert-Busch's campaign has been funded by more than $1 million primarily by the DNC. The national Republican Party has sat this race out so Sanford has has been at a huge disadvantage. There is a rumor that I cannot verify and that I've seen on several blogs that Cobert-Busch had a pretty messy divorce herself and was jailed for contempt of court. Public Policy Polling has released it's latest poll only minutes ago and it gives an edge to Sanford 47-46. This represents a 10 point shift since last week's poll that had Sanford trailing by 9. They attribute Sanford's success to his ability to nationalize the race and tie Cobert-Busch to Obama and Pelosi who would probably poll worse than gonorrhea in South Carolina. If this lead holds until Tuesday the left will have a cow. This was to be the first step toward regaining the House.

Update: This campaign ad alludes to Busch-Colbert's incarceration. There doesn't seem to be a lot of subtlety in South Carolina politics.

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