Saturday, May 4, 2013

Councilwoman Fights With Children Over Offensive Stick Figures

Below we have example of hardcore "racistism". There were two symbolic stick figures on the quilt. One represented no knowledge while the other represented enlightenment. The quilt was made grade school children in Martinsville, Virginia who were understandably very proud of their work. The quilt in the lower left corner is the offending piece of work. Martinsville councilwoman Sharon Brooks Hodge who is too old to be fighting with children took offense eventually causing some of them to cry. Then she fumed about the lack of diversity training which all good children should have to endure so as not to offend stupid people like herself. Dick Harpootlian should send her back to wherever the hell she came from.

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worldsbiggestloser said...

When did buffoons become a protected class of people?