Thursday, May 2, 2013

California Accuses Nevada of Dumping Mentally Ill on Them

California is accusing Nevada of dumping thousands of mentally ill patients into the state where they probably blend in rather well with the native population. Twenty-one California Democratic Congressmen have written to Eric Holder and Kate Sebelius urging them to investigate the practice known as "Greyhound therapy". Bear in mind this is coming from the same state where presumably sane voters have elected Jerry Brown three times. Personally I think the alleged mental illness occurs after they get to California. Just give them food stamps and in state tuition like everyone else and they'll be okay.
"Federal investigation is warranted here, particularly in light of admissions from Nevada officials that their own investigation found 'no pattern of misconduct."
Let's see; if we put Harry Reid on a Greyhound to California would he start acting like Barbara Boxer or Nancy Pelosi?

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