Tuesday, May 7, 2013

At Least Give Mark Sanford An "A" For Effort

If Mark Sanford pulls off a victory tonight tune out the pundits who attribute it to anything other than a masterful retail campaign, and of course, a proportionally imbecile effort put forth by Busch Colbert. Sanford went after the voters like a pesky Jehovah Witness door knocker, talking, joking and pleading with about anyone who would listen while Busch Colbert was aloof and inaccessible to even the press. She used her considerable war chest to wage a media campaign. No need to humble oneself when one has all that cash. No need to debate. She was the front runner but like many fast starters she may die at the top of the stretch. The personal touch works and Sanford's shtick in the video below is vintage retail politics.

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