Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why Does The Left Love Islam?

I still consider myself a political neophyte. Just five years ago I believed that members of Congress actually read the bills they voted on. I even thought Congressmen wrote legislation. They might delegate the grunt work to the second in command but they were familiar with the essence of this bill or that. I was naive.

My naivete is still full bloom when it comes to lefties and Islam. Why would a bunch of people who claim to care about women's rights, gay rights and Jewish people ally themselves with homophobic, misogynistic anti-Semites? Who do they rush to the defense of a religion that holds their sanctioned victims in such low regard?

For years I thought it was an enemy of my enemy is my friend situation. The media hated George Bush so much that they were willing to embrace jihadism to further pummel their favorite punching bag. A few lefties, like the late Christopher Hitchens, broke ranks and acknowledged that Al-Qedah was the greater evil. But most of the Dem loyalists parroted the condemnations of that evil Christian George Bush. He was the worst of the worst. Anyone who opposed George Bush could not be all bad.

But times change and one expects loyalties to also change. Last week, leftists openly feared the prospects that the Boston Marathon bombers might turn out to be jihadists. Huh? I understand that the events in Boston might chill the immigration and gun control fervor. But why the need to do PR for a religion that hates you and hates everything you stand for?

I understand OPEC's hidden agenda and their efforts to control the news (largely successful I might add.) But OPEC and jihadism are not the same thing. In fact there is a lot of tension between the Arab ruling class and the jihadists. One can support efforts to kill domestic energy production and still be anti-terrorist. Yet, somehow green activism and pro-jihad sympathies often ride in tandem.

Academia and media both walk over eggshells to avoid offending Islam. These are institutions that usually view religion cynically, often contemptuously. Why the soft spot for the one religion that opposes all that they profess to believe in? Why the love for the one religion that would love to silence them now and forever?


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