Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pentagon Blocks Access to Southern Baptist Convention Web Site

President Obama opened a new front in his war on religion. The new victim is the Southern Baptist Convention. Pentagon leaders have blocked access to the Baptist's web site blocked on some military installations. “An Air Force officer told Fox News that when he tried to log on to the website he received a message that his Internet usage was being logged and monitored for trying to access a blocked site.” An Army officer was likewise denied access, with the message, “The site you have requested has been blocked... due to hostile content.”
Hostile content? Not many Baptists grow up to be jihadists. Increasingly, not many Baptists grow up to be Democrats either which may be the reason the Pentagon feels it can push this denomination around. As a matter of faith Southern Baptists do not condone homosexuality and may use the biblical term sodomy to describe it. What ever happened "to you go to your church and I'll go to mine"?
The SBC issued a lengthy statement which says in part:
"The Southern Baptist Convention became aware on Wednesday afternoon that some military bases have blocked the web site for containing possible 'hostile' content. Living in the digital age with internet filters, spam blockers, and virus protection software, we alerted the Army of the problem and sought to obtain their assurance that the word "hostile" did not refer to any religious content on our site."
I suggest you follow the above link and read the statement in its entirety. BTW do Muslim sites get caught in internet filters too?

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