Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Obama to Skip Lady Thatcher's Funeral

Even if you like his politics you can still disapprove of Barack Obama for being the consummate boor. Lady Thatcher was the second most important Brit of the 20th Century (and I might be underestimating her in that assessment.) She was unarguably one of the most important historical figures of her era.

Whereas other important historical figures are remembered for their negatives (Stalin, Mao, Hitler) Lady Thatcher was a liberator. In the UK, socialists succeeded where Hitler had failed. Thatcher ushered in a British Renaissance in a land that experienced 18% annual inflation.

Murray Rothbard and other Austrian Economic proponents criticized Atilla The Hen for her half-hearted reform measures and because her actions fell short of her rhetoric. Point taken but the UK thrived under Thatcher. By any objective measure she was better than her predecessors.

At any rate, the President will not be in attendance at this great woman's funeral. Nor will the vice president or the Secretary of State. The US is sending George Schultz and James Baker, cabinet members of Reagan and Bush I and retirees for 20 years. This is a bigger insult than the return of the Winston Churchill bust.

The President has no trouble hopping on a plane. There is always a Tiger Woods or a Hollywood big shot who earns his company. But Lady Thatcher will be buried without a president on hand to pay his respects.

Maybe it is better for all concerned if the Barry stays home. Margaret Thatcher was a woman of integrity. Her words meant something. A is A. Barack Obama is not an heir to that tradition. He would be out of place.

Still, it would be nice to think that an absurd ego could humble himself to honor someone who was truly great. Unfortunately, Obama never disappoints at disappointment. Rest in peace, Maggie.

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