Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Commentary On The High On The Hog Living Jihadists

I was rudely interrupted during my last post and news was changing before my very eyes. Anyway, in this era of spin and fraud, people know they are being deceived. They just expect to be lied to. Conspiracy theories form even before an event transpires.

Alex Jones is reflexively advancing the "false flag" meme. Another inside job just like 9/11. I'll pass on that one for now.

Glenn Beck is promoting the idea that a high level cover-up involving a Saudi national with terrorist pedigree might have been a co-conspirator in the bombings. I have not investigated that angle. Wait and see.

I can tell you there is a conspiracy in plain view on the part of the beloved fourth estate. The media want to minimize the Tsarnaevs' involvement with other conspirators and they want to shield the welfare state from any collateral damage.

So you might have missed the lone wolves, lone nut squared, disillusioned, disaffected, radicalized by the Internet tidal wave. Nothing to see here folks. Just another loony loner who dragged his lil brother along for the ride. Nothing to see here.

The Tsarnaevs lived well. According to the Boston Herald:

Records show Tamerlan Tsarnaev had a gray 1999 Honda CRV registered in Massachusetts. He previously registered a black 1998 Mercedes C230, but the registration document for that car is inactive, meaning the vehicle had been taken off the road. His brother did not register any cars in the state, but a green 1999 Honda Civic is registered in his father’s name.

The older brother NEVER worked and took long vacations to far away lands. We have been told that his wife worked eighty hours/week as a personal care attendant. We are also told that they lived in the crappy part of Cambridge. But Cambridge is still a high rent district. Even if both husband and wife worked eighty hours/week as care attendants, they would have had a hard time living in Cambridge without assistance from a benefactor.

BTW The Boston Herald has had its difficulties determining how many government bennies the Tsarnaevs have received.

The jihad-friendly news media are treading a fine line. They don't want to implicate co-conspirators but they also don't want to remind us that the Marathon Bombs might just be taxpayer-funded. It's not easy but these are trained professionals. They will get the job done.

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