Saturday, April 20, 2013

Initial Reflections On The Lockdown

Let's put aside the civil libertarian abstractions for a moment. Let's take a common sense look at what happened in Boston yesterday.

 It is one thing to barricade a 20 block area. It is another matter to cancel bus service 30 miles away.

It is one thing to conduct a door to door manhunt where a bomb thrower is at large. It is another matter to tell a nurse who lives in Cambridge (five or so miles away) that she cannot walk to work in nearby Somerville.

Why just suddenly stop mass transit for an entire metropolitan area?

Why close banks in places like Salem, Massachusetts some thirty miles away?

Why lock down people in their workplaces after allowing them to go to work?

I cannot begin to tell you of the domino effect, the unforeseen consequences, the chaos and confusion that was generated by the watch repair with sledge hammer approach Massachusetts laid on her citizenry. At least with a blizzard or hurricane we have time to prepare.

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