Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Don't Want To Commit Terrorism, I Just Want To Live The Lavish Lifestyle

In the wake of the Boston Bombings, the conversation has turned to the perks of jihad. The networks and local newspapers are tripping over themselves to declare the terrorists self-radicalized. I walked into the grocery store yesterday and there were probably a half dozen or so newspapers on display. I did not pick up any of them but I did scan the front page headlines. Almost every newspaper had a story pronouncing the Tsarnaevs victims of the Internet.

The dreaded Internet provided ideology, bomb-making expertise and everything else the self-starting terrorist might need. Really? I did not pick up the papers so I can not definitively say that these assertions were promoted in a fair and authoritative manner. But I suspect it was more mainstream media bs.

A backlash against the welfare state is underway. There are at least three levels of outrage:

1. Red-blooded Americans who game the system.
2. Illegal immigrants who game the system.
3. Terrorist immigrants who game the system.

The story is unfold faster than I can type. I hope to return to this soon.

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