Sunday, April 14, 2013

Did Obama Pay A Lower Tax Rate Than His Secretary?

He probably did. According to The Gray Lady, this probably happened last year when Barack and Michelle paid 20% in taxes.
And if they paid at a lower rate than their serfs at 20%, they probably also paid at a lower rate this year, when their tax bill was 18% of income.

Far from being shamed by his conspicuous hypocrisy, Obama embraces it proudly. This is on par with Green Warrior Barbra Striesand going shopping in her RV so that she doesn't have to sit on a public toilet. It tops Bloomberg's eight armed guards who escort him to his anti-gun speeches. These people are incapable of shame.

 For the beautiful people, hypocrisy is a status symbol. And who is more beautiful than Barack?

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Hoosierman said...

I'm sure he paid at a lower rate than Warren Buffet's secretary.