Friday, March 15, 2013

What's On The Menu, Senator (Besides The Taxpayer?)

John Tate sent me the following via email:

  Lobster Thermidor with a white wine saffron galcage and herbed baby potatoes: $85 

 Moulard Duck Breast: $85

 Filet of Beef with truffled potato mouselline, bone marrow and Madeira Jus: $85 

 That's what President Barack Obama and big spending Republicans Lindsey Graham and John McCain had to choose from at their dinner Wednesday night as Rand Paul was eating a candy bar while leading his historic filibuster.

Throw in a 20 car motorcade and you have a wondrous display of American royalty skimping through tough times. Yes, if the RINO's had been chewing on bologna sandwiches it would not soften the insult. Rand Paul was conducting a filibuster because he could not get the administration to say that they would not murder American citizens. But from the inner sanctum of the Beltway, a cry pierced the harsh winter's air:

"Let them eat Moulard!" And that, they did.

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