Thursday, February 14, 2013

Falsity is The New Normal

As my friend John said, this isn't the first politician to lie, but Obama is the first politician to lie with impunity. Or words to that effect. In my lifetime Obama is the first president who has lied with the assistance of the news media.

I have to admit, Obama is wearing me down. The constancy of falsehood, the volume of falsehood and the scale and significance of his falsehood is draining. The eyebrows will only lift so many times.

Then we expose  the King of Duplicity's latest exercise in mendacity and it is met with blank stares from Obots (can't you even muster a shrug you cow-eyed zombie?) Falsity is the new normal. Just say bahhh.

The day after the State of the Union blogs and talk radio devoted themselves to refuting the mountain of lies.It takes so much more time and effort to refute a lie than to tell a lie. In a perverted way Obama does short out the resistance by his volume of lies. It's one thing when your neighbor's pony leaves a pile on your lawn. But when the neighbor leaves a dump truck of manure on your lawn you have a problem that deserves your attention.

But one lie stands out. President Pinocchio actually stated,  “Already, the Affordable Care Act is helping to slow the growth of health care costs.”

Is there even one person who believes that one?

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