Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Congress Needs To Examine Barack Obama And The Eligibility Issue

There are two challenges to Barack Obama's eligiibility. One, that Obama was never a natural born citizen. Two, Obama might or might not have been a natural born citizen but that he lost his US citizenship when as a child he was legally adopted by a foreign national and by law he was required to reapply for US citizenship. Failure to apply for citizenship would mean that Barack Obama is an Indonesian national and an illegal immigrant. Should he apply for citizenship Barack Obama would not be a natural born citizen and thus, ineligible to be president. Of the two challenges, I believe the latter is the stronger. Through no fault of his own, the minor child Barry Soetoro became an Indonesian citizen and lost his US citizenship. Those are some stubborn facts that might be tough to wish away should they ever be held up to the light of reason. But there have been no serious challenges on these grounds. Instead, constitutionalists have challenged Obama's birth status. This might be a case of charging the cape instead of the matador. David Gregory and other Obots loved to bring up the birth challenges out of the blue to people like Michelle Bachmann and John Boehner who were not challenging Obama's birth status. Clearly, the loyalists had something up their sleeves. They would prefer to label all challengers "Birthers" and to shape the debate--such that it is--to revolve around birth certificates and such. Who knows how the Obamamedia would treat an Indonesian challenge. It should be noted that even the preferred Birther challenge was not met as smoothly as Team Obama would have liked. Grandstander Joe Arpaio not let the matter go. Nor would Orly Taitz nor the state of Alabama. Now, Lord Christopher Monckton is weighing in on the subject. Can Barry and Obamamedia run out the clock? The stakes are high. Should Obama be declared ineligible to serve as president, his every presidential action will be challenged. Every executive order and every piece of legislation and even two Supreme Court Justices will be challenged. I hope the two Obama nominees will have the decency to recuse themselves. Fat Chance. Come on Congress. Let's resolve the eligibility issue once and for all.

An Interesting Quote That I Just Had To Pass On

And it’s also only natural that they would be attracted to a candidate like Obama, whose entire career has been built on lies, coverups, abuse of power and disdain for traditional American values. They’re drawn to his narcissism. Read more:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Would The Pathological Liar Cheat To Win An Election?

WND says yes!