Saturday, November 24, 2012

Was Obama A Member Of Man's Country Bathhouse?

Note: This is actually two videos in one. The first one concludes at about 10:50 and the second interview starts right after that.


Toto Must Be A Racist!

This blog has used "Wizard of Oz" references on several occassions and we will probably milk the timeless themes in the future. The juxtaposition of the magical wizard and the man behind the curtain brings to mind a contemporary public figure. Life imitates art.

Supposedly "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" was written as an allegory for the populist movement of the late 19th Century. The populists wanted to convert America from a gold standard to a silver standard. Although I recognize the problems of tight money as it was applied at the time and I recognize that the populists wanted to inflate the currency (fie) I marvel at the two possibilities. I would gladly settle for a silver standard over a policy of funny money.

According to the allegorists, the Yellow Brick Road represents the gold standard. Its terminus is in the Emerald City, aka Washington. In the book, Dorothy wore silver slippers, not ruby slippers as were used in the movie. Dorothy is Everyamerican in all of her innocence and naivete. The Scarecrow is the farmer. The Tin Man is the industrial worker whose heart is lost to his brutal existence. The Cowardly Lion is a composite politician in general and William Jennings Bryan in particular. The Wicked Witch hails from The West. Although the American West has been romanticized, it happened to be an absurdly harsh environment. The Wizard represents the Washington Establishment.

We know how the story ends. Toto pulls back the curtain and reveals the soul of delusion. There is a moment of deflated spirit and then the phony Wizard reveals that he is not all bad. The man behind the curtain reveals himself to be a wise teacher.

The outed Wizard teaches each character that they already possess that which they seek. Their strength lies within their own psyches. This is a theme trumpeted by Christianity and Buddhism and echoed by New Age gurus. A line from a cheesy song by America sums it up pretty well:

"But Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man
That he didn't, didn't already have"

We then go to bed with warm feelings for all of humanity. Life lessons learned. Even bad people have their redeeming qualities.

Then we wake up to Obama's America and we wonder how life diverged from art. The real life wizard insists he has magical properties long after he has been outed. If he has any wisdom, he is keeping it to himself. You can reassign symbols for the other characters but Dorothy is still Everyamerican and Toto...Toto is the blogger.

Toto is small, loyal and seemingly harmless. He seems almost superfluous but at key junctures he is the pivotal character. The whole fuss was started over Toto. Later, Toto escapes the Wicked Witch's capture, he pulls back the curtain and he jumps out of the balloon that will be piloted by a discredited wizard (perfect metaphor!)

In Obama's America, Toto pulls back the curtain. The Tin Man kicks the mutt in the head and the Scarecrow points his straw hand at the fallen beast and screams "Racist!" at the top of his lungs. The Cowardly Lion promptly secures the curtain in its proper place and Dorothy apologizes and promises to neuter the little bastard just as soon as they get back to Kansas. The fearless foursome then listen intently to the awesome wizard's instructions. They later marvel at his unending compassion and note that this wizard can relate to them as no one else can. Roll the credits.

Again, the divergence. When, the original characters are shown the true nature of the Wizard of Oz, they feel duped. When the real life wizard is revealed, he gets re-elected. Could it be that Baum never possessed a keen insight into human nature? That his characters should have continued adoring the imagery long after the trickery had been exposed? Maybe.

But we should consider another possibility. Maybe we should consider that Baum's characters were perfectly sketched but that human nature has changed since 1900. We live in a post-fact era. Academia, the news media, the entertainment industry--especially online character games--have parroted the message that there is no objective reality. Everything is a matter of opinion and preference. Everything. Entire generations have been taught to not just fear reality but to avoid it when it might be disturbing. The man behind the curtain has been revealed but we prefer to focus our attention on the wizard.

And we must consider one more reason for divergence. By his own admission, the storybook wizard was not a very good wizard. The real life cult leader will never make such a candid confession. Nope. He saw the storybook wizard's mistakes. He should have vilified The Munchkins and blame all of life's problems on their success. He should have plied the travelers with cell phones and EBT cards. Hell yes he was a crappy wizard!

Baum's novel, for all of its truths and insight into humanity, is ultimately hopeful and optimistic. It is a children's book for crying out loud. Reality is more gloomy. Whereas the Wizard of Oz ultimately "comes clean" our wizard never will. Never. Whereas the Wizard of Oz ultimately reveals his good side, our wizard has no good side to reveal. Truth can be ugly. Barack Hussein Obama is not just a bad president, he is a rotten human being. Rotten to his very core.

Meanwhile, Toto blogs. He will try to remain loyal to dumbass Dorothy and he will mostly be a forgotten character. But when the audience least expects it, Toto might just twist the plot in an unforeseen manner. Toto is small in size but there are millions of Totos out there. Every dog has his day. Even Toto.

We're off to see the Wizard...

Friday, November 23, 2012

If Petraeus's Mistress Posed A Security Risk, Should Congress Investigate Barry's Bathhouse Buddies?

So General Petraeus had to be canned. Why? Because he had a mistress and that made him vulnerable to blackmail and thus, a security risk. That was the media explanation.

So if the Commander-In-Chief has or has had extramarital affairs, should that matter be brought to the public's attention? As a follow up question, should the president be forced to resign?

Should Congress subpoena a witness who claims to have had sexual relations with Barack Obama when the future president served in the Illinois Senate? If as Kevin Dujan alleges, that the President's golf outings are really just a pretext for romps with young hombres, is that not a matter of national security? What about the President's "body man?" Is that not a Defense Department concern?

Since September 11, 2012, we have witnessed a bloodless coup where military brass have suddenly retired. I think we know who is behind the purging. If these men's private lives were in need of examination, should not concerned citizens demand that the lives and associations of the highest level of power also be exposed to the light of day?

What do you think?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Reality Versus Comforting Fantasies

In this time of defeat and humiliation, it is useful for me to reflect on lessons I have learned but have forgotten. One of my earliest disillusions occurred in adolescence when it dawned on me that most people do not value truth for its own sake. Life was less a laboratory of fact-finding scientists and more a courtroom of unscrupulous lawyers bent on suppressing or discrediting their opponents' evidence.

The fact that I found this suddenly-altered worldview disturbing says something about my personality. The fact that none of my friends found the courtroom model of epistemology all that terrifying says a lot about other people's personalities. It also foretold a lifelong pattern where I would be in the minority opinion on almost every subject.

Personality tests can be informative but none that I know of address a passion for truth. The Myers-Briggs test approaches the subject of truth and mental processes. They categorize people on sensing vs. intuition, thought vs. feeling, perception vs. judgment (also introversion vs. extroversion but that's probably not as relevant here) but they stop short of categorizing people based on their pursuit of truth vs. people who pursue comforting fantasies.

People who read this blog and blogs like this probably value truth for truth sake. Not so, the general public. Few people would follow Vernon Wayne Howell across the street but dozens of people followed David Koresh to their death. Truth is, David Koresh was Vernon Wayne Howell. The fantasy was David Koresh, prophet and Chosen One. Those who knew him found the fantasy comfortable beyond reason.

It is no stretch to compare Barack Obama to David Koresh. The fainting women, the Obama halo, the mesmerizing speeches void of content, Oprah pronouncing that he is "The One." From its inception, transcendentalism has been a staple of the Obama Campaign.

There are those who focus on the wizard and those who focus on the man behind the curtain. Unfortunately for all of us, there are more of the former than the latter. For a slim majority of American voters, reality is overrated. Truth, so it seems, is indeed inconvenient.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Patrick Leahy Shows His True Colors

Who is spearheading a warrantless email surveillance bill? Could it be that guardian of all things good and noble, the distinguished senior Senator from Vermont? Right you are.

Leahy is walking back this KGB comes to Amerika special for the time being. But he will try again. Be certain of that. Leahy will try again.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mr. President: You Can Screw All The People Some Of The Time And You Can Screw Some Of The People All The Time But You Cannot Screw The Jews All The Time

Who could have seen this one coming? As soon as the Dems put their champagne glasses down, Israel is hit with a wave of workplace violence. Or as Howie Carr would say: "Israel celebrates diversity."

I don't know what Obama is thinking (does anyone?) but you just do not push The Tribe into a corner. Benjamin Netanyahu is what Don Corleone would call a serious man. He is dead serious about the welfare of his people. If one of his ambassadors and three other public servants were tortured and murdered, his response would be swift, certain and severe. There would be no youtube horseshit story. There would just be dead terrorists (or dead workplace violence folks.)

Israel might be Obama's undoing. The Mossad has a Barry binder with more pages than Chicago has dead voters. The mainstream media might cover for Obama but the Mossad plays by a different set of rules. They are not to be trifled with.

If Israeli blood continues to spill, fire will rain on Gaza. But that will be nothing compared to the media firestorm that will be unleashed on America. At long last, we might finally learn a thing or two about Barack Obama.

Another Cosmic Coincidence

Can you believe it? Hamas starts firing on Israel just days after Obama is re-elected! What are the odds? If I could see those things coming, people would call me Nostradamus.

As soon as the votes were counted, Hamas started shelling! What a cosmic coincidence that was!

An Open Letter To The Republican National Commitee

An Open Letter To The Republican National Commitee

Take this with a grain of salt. I am not a registered Republican and I don't plan to be one anytime soon. But given the state of affairs in this country, I recognize that your party can lay claim to the "lesser of two evils." With all of your sins, you are downright saintly compared to your corrupt, destructive, Anti-American rivals.

I have four general suggestions that are so obvious that I don't think anyone would disagree with them.

1. Establish a fighter as Chairman of The Republican National Commitee.

2. Establish a fighter as Speaker of the House.

3. Don't just acknowledge voter fraud, fight it.

4. Permanently change your relationship with the national media.

I am going out of order as I am wont to do (I told you I am not a Republican.) Fight voter fraud! If James O'Keefe can find repeated efforts at voter fraud on his ramen noodle budget, why can't an organization with a $50 million operating budget find an act of impropriety when it is right under your nose?

If you stated that henceforth 10% or 20% of your budget would be devoted to fighting voter fraud, your donations would increase sufficiently to offset this new expenditure. Try holding just one anti-fraud money bomb. Ron Paul generated over $10 million in 24 hours in 2007 during the first-ever money bomb. Try it! You might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Your party still controls the House. Why is there not a permanent committee on voter integrity? Cleveland, Ohio had precincts that voted one hundred per cent for Obama. In the real world such things do not happen if for no other reason, people inadvertently fill in the wrong name or scribble in the wrong circle. No human error in Cleveland.

What is frustrating about Cleveland is that Ohio has a Republican governor. He did have the resources at his disposal to prevent voter fraud. Did he deploy the State Police or the Attorney General to disrupt these crimes?

Did Port Saint Lucie County, Florida really have a 141% voter turnout? If yes, the FBI should be descending into the Sunshine State in droves. Maybe that number is wrong. But if the number is only 101%, there needs to be a criminal investigation. If the White House has the DOJ handcuffed, there is still Congress and yes, there is still the State of Florida.

Again, Florida is frustrating because Republicans control the Governor's Office and the Republican AG is all over the national news shows. They were in a position to prevent this from happening. They are now in a position to make sure it never happens again. Voter fraud must be stopped, priority numbers one through one hundred.

Jumping back to the first suggestion. You need a fighter as Chairman of RNC. I don't think Priebus is that guy. If his chairmanship is challenged, maybe it will light a fire under his ass, even if he is not successfully deposed.

What is needed is someone like Newt Gingrich. I say someone like Gingrich because Newt is a loose cannon and he would turn off some donors. But Newt does know how to win elections. He is never afraid to speak the truth and he will call voter fraud, voter fraud. Newt will not be intimidated by a false charge of racism or misogyny. You need his pugnacious spirit if not his physical presence. Newt? Palin? You need a heavyweight in this position.

Now let us focus on The Speaker of The House. We will know real soon if Boehner is the right choice. I think he might be if only because it does not serve his own future to cave on the "fiscal cliff" or Benghazi or Fast and Furious. Oh and if we are making a Christmas list we could add voter fraud investigations, illegal campaign financing investigations, and defunding NPR, PBS and anything related to General Electric to our already long string of requests.

We will know soon if Boehner is our guy. If not, a new candidate should challenge the incumbent.

Lastly, change forever your relationship with the press. Do not talk to the national press. Let it be known that you will not fund any candidate who talks to the national media. If they want to talk to the media from their home district, they should do so at their own discretion.

As long as your candidates talk with the national press, they are putting their seal of legitimacy on the pro-Obama media. Why, oh why, oh why would you allow your candidates to subject themselves to Gregory or
Stephanopolos and to pummel them with "do you still wage war on women?" kinds of questions. Furthermore, do not allow the national media to moderate your primary debates! Duhhh.

There was a time when it was essential to converse with the national media. That day has passed. Twitter and Facebook changed the rules forever. You and your candidates and your office holders can communicate with an audience unimpeded by charges of racism, misogyny, fraud or murder. You cannot win with the pro-Obama media. They must be shunned!

Shunning is the first step. With the rise of cable and satellite and Internet delivery, local network affiliates struggle. However, they have benefited nicely from election commercials. The affiliates are now dependent on this revenue stream. Let it be known that the GOP will not spend a penny with NBC affiliates in either 2014 or 2016.

The GOP candidates will not suffer by boycotting NBC affiliates. The GOP will continue to buy air time from ABC and CBS and Fox affiliates as well as independent channels and cable outlets. But NBC is 86. Of course, everything NBC (The Weather Channel, Telemundo, NBC Entertainment, NBC News) will also be cut off. And as previously suggested, if Congress defunded General Electric's lucrative government contracts, I bet we would see a greater respect for truth at every NBC venue.

There you have it. I am no genius but I can point out the obvious, something your brain trust has failed to do. Then again, I am not a Republican.