Saturday, November 17, 2012

What If Boehner Does Not Cave?

What if Boehner Does Not Cave?

I know. We are all waiting for the other blade to drop and maybe it will. Maybe it will. Then again, why should it drop now?

One quick clarification. This is not THE fiscal cliff. This is a fiscal cliff. We will need more parachutes for more cliffs in the future and I am not sure there can be a soft landing when we descend the fiscal Grand Canyon. But the narrative fits nicely for the pro-Obama media. After placing a moratorium on discussing fiscal issues leading up to the election, they will be able to say that The Pampered One has solved our fiscal dilemma once and for all and that he did so with bipartisan support. Any bad news from here on out is someone else's fault. Long live the spin.

Things might work out that way and Barry will accept his Nobel Prize in Economics. Maybe. But maybe John Boehner won't be so cooperative.

From my perspective, John Boehner is not a complicated animal. No Hamlets here. This is a thinly drawn made for TV character who could be described in one sentence. John Boehner is a shrewd political pragmatist.

Boehner is not one of us. So what? This is a guy who has seen political fads come and go. The Libertarians. The LaRouchians. The Constitutionalists. The Buchananites. The Reform Party. Maybe Boehner thinks the Tea Party might just be one more flavor of the month destined for the political scrap heap. He could be right in that assessment.

What motivates Mr. Speaker? This is speculative but probably accurate:

1. Re-election.

2. Maintaining his position as Speaker of the House.

3. Expanding his power.

4. Camera time.

First, if Boehner does not wage a credible budget fight, he will be challenged for his leadership position. Win or lose, that battle will damage his prospects for re-election in 2014. So the best case scenario for Boehner (and quite possibly the best case scenario for the Tea Party) is to get huge budget cuts and delay the tax issues for one more year.

The Speaker is as vain as one might expect him to be. He likes to recall the people who shook his hand in airports during the early days of the tea party and told him how much they needed him and respected him for standing up to the forces of evil. Remember that dreary Sunday evening when Speaker Boehner roared "Hell no, you didn't read the bill!" to a pack of weasels who clearly neglected their representational duties? It was a grim day for America but it was a glorious moment for John Boehner. With that bold and truthful proclamation John Boehner sealed his future as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The Speaker of the House is the second most powerful position in the United States. When the presidency is weakened or compromised, the Speaker is the most powerful person on Planet Earth. From 2007 to 2008 Nancy Pelosi carried more clout than George Bush. From 2007 to 2011 Nancy Pelosi was the most powerful woman the world has ever known.

There have been presidents like Truman and Eisenhower who assumed the office without really trying. Not so, Speaker of the House. They are all political pirahna who devour other fast, hungry, sharp-toothed cannibals to seize the magic gavel. Every speaker craves power and dominance and every speaker understands power and dominance. Boehner is no exception.

If Boehner can schedule a Fiscal Cliff Battle Royale Sequel next year, he will certainly remain in the limelight. And make no doubt about it, he will be dealing with a White House that will be busy treading water, if not fighting impeachment. I see a bleak future for Barack Obama and I believe Boehner smells political blood in political waters. It could be a great time to be Speaker of the House. Boehner knows it.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Guess Which Candidate Carried The Stupid Vote In 2012


A Brief Open Letter To Mitt Romney

Dear Governor:

During his election celebration, President Obama stated that he would like to sit with you and what was the empty verbiage? "Resolve our differences" ??? I forget. It's all empty verbiage with this guy anyway.

Please do not meet with Obama for any reason. You are not Speaker of the House or Senate Minority Leader and you are not a sitting governor. You are a private citizen and you have no obligation to meet with a sleazeball.

If the president wanted to discuss differences, he had the entire campaign to do so. But issues were off-limits to the Chicago Gang. Lies are all they will ever know.

Ultimately, your differences were crystal clear. You were an honest, forthright crusader who had a vision for his country. Your opponent was and is a bitter, petty, compulsive liar who has chosen to conceal his plans for our country. If you meet with this compulsive liar you will put your seal of approval on his every falsehood. He lied about you because he never respected you. He lies to the American people because he does not respect us.

You are a good man, Governor Romney. Don't go into the sewer with this guy. You did your best to run an honest campaign. Please do not place your imprimatur on this con artist's unending duplicity. Life is too short for that.

Thank you, Governor Romney for a sincere effort to rescue your country. Please don't cheapen that noble effort by meeting with the biggest fraud in history. That will only serve to legitimatize President Alinsky's campaign and President Alinsky's agenda. You are a better man than that.

Good luck, Governor.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Two Can Play The Alinsky Game

I keep hearing the Dems and media types say "The election is over. Let's put the rancor behind us." In other years, it might be the perfect response to "get over it."

Not this year. Not after the Dems spent $250 million to assassinate the character of an incredibly decent man. That number does not include the free assistance the Networks provided. Let us also remind everyone that Obama's attacks were divorced of fact.

Romney was never a murderer. He never caused cancer. He was never a tax cheat or a felon. He has never been a misogynist. Lies on tops of lies on tops of lies. Truth means absolutely nothing to Obama, the Democrats and the networks. Nothing. Now we are supposed to be civil? I think not.

Before Romney there was the character assassination of Sarah Palin. Truth was also optional in that case. So was the smear of George Bush. Yes, Bush was a nincompoop but he never started a war over oil nor was Hurricane Katrina a genocidal conspiracy nor did he drain middle class bank accounts to provide more wealth for the top 1 per cent.

There are several lessons to the recent election but I will limit our focus to just two. One, lies work. No one has ever lied like Obama. That's because no one has ever had the license to do so. The news media kept politicians in line. Dick Nixon might have had treachery in his heart but his falsehoods were limited by the fourth estate. The news media allowed the Obama campaign (and the Obama Administration for that matter) to lie with impunity. We ain't getting over it anytime soon.

The second lesson to learn from the last election is that negative politics work. Whereas, I do not advocate that we ever practice dishonesty under any circumstances, I do advocate reciprocal negativity. Romney took the high road and lost. What might have worked in the Reagan era won't work in the Springer era. Two can play the Alinsky game. Let's play it now. 365 days a year. No offseason.

So when the snakes ask us to kiss and make up, do remind them that their messiah is an admitted crackhead, a chronic and compulsive liar, an unrepentant Marxist, and according to multiple sources, he is a serial sodomizer. Remind them of this, every time Obama's name is mentioned. Every time.

No lies. No offseason. No mercy. You got two middle fingers. Use them.

If You Voted For Obama In 2008, You Were A Dupe But if You Voted For Him In 2012...

Note: I composed the following on election day but left Facebook before posting it.

I never thought I would see this day. America has been ravaged from within. I am Charlton Heston screaming at the Statue of Liberty. It would not be a nuclear war that would destroy America. Rather, it would be an economic Armageddon that would spell our demise. It is suicide on the installment plan but it is suicide nonetheless.

Barack Obama might be the only president who hated America. And hate America he does. He hates American traditions and customs. He hates the US Constitution and he hates all Americans who cannot be used as political pawns.

I am not footnoting Obama's overt acts of hostility at this stage of the game. Yes, I advocate for rational discourse but this rant is directed to people indifferent or even hostile to the very premise of fact. If one practices deliberate, intentional, willful blindness as a preferred lifestyle then I can't be bothered to line up the ducks for you.

Oh, but Obama is hostile to America, make no doubt about it. Dinesh D'Souza wrote a book and filmed a documentary wherein he attributes Obama's overt malice for America to his embracing of anti-colonialism. I know. I know. I know. You are dismissive of D'Souza and can't be bothered with anything he might utter. Yours is the politically correct cannon and D'Souza has been indexed several times over.

But consider this. What other president could create an entire industry based on speculation as to the intellectual basis of his anti-Americanism? The what had long been established. The why has always been mystifying. Millions of us turned out at the theaters in a desperate attempt to answer the questions, who is this unvetted president and why does he hate us so?

I don't understand self-hating Americans but I recognize that they have always been with us. America was good to Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. There was certainly less anti-Semitism here than in the Soviet Union.

America was good to Lee Harvey Oswald. America was good to Major Hasan. America was good to Anwar al-Awlaki. But why does a man who takes two jets on vacation at taxpayer expense still have a chip on his shoulder and invites his followers to vote out of revenge?

If you voted for Obama in 2008 you were a dupe. If you voted for Obama in 2012 you are a traitor. America is $16 trillion in debt and the meter is running. That is roughly $50,000 per person or $100,000 per taxpayer, not including off-budget expenses.

Romney was the vastly superior candidate if only because he acknowledged the existence of a problem. When Obama revealed to David Letterman that he didn't know how big the national debt happened to be, I don't know what was more depressing: The fact that the President of the United States displayed his abject ignorance of the country's fate or that he did so on "Late Night With David Letterman."

The Democrats seized control of both houses of Congress in 2006 and shortly thereafter our debt skyrocketed. If such things matter, the Republicans of that era can make the claim that they were the lesser of two evils. George Bush and Rick Santorum and Tom Delay had sent us putt-putting towards the fiscal cliff. The Democrats took control and threw a brick on the accelerator. What do we have to shown for this doubling of national debt? The world's best rail system? A doubling of med schools and hospitals? A revamped infrastructure? Colonies on the moon? No. We have nothing to show for our spending spree. Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

You have underestimated the catastrophic nature of fiscal collapse. You have ignored the social ramifications of an economic tsunami. The so-called meltdown of 2008 will be a night in a pub by comparison.

We should be hesitant to inject Hitler into any conversation but that demagogue would never have been able to hijack a great country had it not been for a preceding currency crisis. Swastikas now fly in Greece and it is estimated that 25 % of Greek citizens have allied themselves with the Neo-Nazis (And Greece was fortunate to be bailed out by France and Germany. If we go down, there is no one big enough to bail us out.)

The Neo-Nazis of Greece seem to be as woefully ignorant of economic principles as our own Occupy Wall Street crowd. But both groups understand finger-pointing and scapegoating and blame. "There is nothing so frightful as ignorance in action." You have witnessed the ignorance. Brace yourself for the action.

Obama possibly, nay probably, wants to oversee economic collapse. Tyrants have never known how to make countries rich but they certainly know how to make countries poor. The gulf between rich and poor will be bridged. Social justice achieved.

We will all look silly having spent our years arguing over budgets when there is nothing left to budget. Dollars to Medicaid or Medicare? Neither. Who should receive food stamps? Doesn't matter. Guns or butter? Neither. Social Security or sewers or VA hospitals? None of the above. All gone.

Will you remember how charming Obama was on "The View" when gas is five dollars a gallon? Will you remember how cutesie pie he happened to be on Jimmy Fallon when you stand in line for gas? Will you think of Oprah or Ashton or Demi when there is no heat for your home? Thank goodness we will have fond memories to get us through our troubled times.

There were plenty of reasons to reject Obama. To review a few of them:

1. Gross incompetence.

2. Obama's ongoing expressions of Anti-Americanism.

3. Obama's lust for power.

4. Obama's abuse of power.

5. Widespread corruption.

6. The constant promotion of hate and rancor especially the false charges of racism directed at anyone who dares to criticize the One.

7. Obama's unending arrogance.

8. Superficiality over substance.

9. The practice of chronic duplicity and dishonesty such as this country has never before witnessed.

10. A disturbed and disturbing personality.

Once more, I am not foot-noting my assertions for those of you who have taken a vow of willful blindness. Some of the most disturbing information about Barack Hussein Obama has been available since 2007, if not earlier. No need to interrupt your ignorant bliss at this juncture.

A few quick comments:

Gross incompetence! Do I have to elaborate? Unemployment. Gas prices. Weak dollar. Probable energy shortages. Benghazi. Fast and Furious. A significantly less stable Middle East. Oh, and of course, trillions of dollars in new debt and nothing to show for it. But other than that...

Obama's abuse of power: The IRS was used to harass nascent Tea Party groups. Ministers were threatened with loss of tax-exempt status. The Catholic Church was told they could not live their faith. Romney contributors were threatened by Department of Justice. An idiot filmmaker is detained and scapegoated for the Administration's dereliction of duty. Gallup Polling is attacked by the DOJ after publishing less than favorable results about the incumbent. The tip of the iceberg!

Widespread corruption: The word nixonian might come to mean virtuous by comparison. I will reduce this encyclopedia of material to one case. In return for lucrative government contracts and no corporate taxation, General Electric serves up NBC, MSNBC, Telemundo, The Weather Channel and much, much more to promote the Obama agenda. Whatever else one might say about Fox News or EIB Network, they are not dependent on graft for their survival. Somewhere, Spiro is smiling.

The constant promotion of hate and rancor: Let me address the members of the audience who do not hate anyone or anything. The self-righteous citizens who do not even hate hate. You, Mr. and Mrs. Sanctimonious, have placed your imprimatur on a quarter billion dollar hate campaign directed at an undeserving target. Mitt Romney is an incredibly decent man. The Obama Administration has labeled Romney a murderer, a felon, a tax cheat and a misogynist. He was never any of those things and you know it. But we live in a post-fact era. Truth and falsehood are outdated concepts. Social standing and celebrity friendships. Those are what matter. Oh and by the way, Mr. and Mrs. We Don't Even Know How To Hate, what is more hateful than the wrongful accusation of racism? This sleazy president has played the race card constantly on matters as unrelated to race as say, Cash for Clunkers. What does it say about the character of a man who plays the race card every time he is faced with legitimate criticism? What does it say that he uses his proxies to spew his hate speech? You tell me.

Chronic duplicity and dishonesty: It is the Obama Administration's strategy to carpet bomb us with falsehood. It takes longer to refute a falsehood than to advance a falsehood. And with the major news networks in a subservient role to the administration, most of the lies go unchecked.

So let us examine just one bold-faced lie that the major media refused to examine. Warren Buffet does not want to pay more taxes! If he wanted to pay more taxes, he would have done so. In fact, Berkshire Hathaway owes Uncle Sam a little over $1 billion. Buffet participated in Obama's puppet show in hopes of gaining a favorable settlement. Should this be filed in the corruption file or the chronic duplicity file?

The president has revealed himself to be a pathological liar. But let us look past the volume of lies and the constancy of lies and examine the audacity of just one lie. To advance his own political agenda, Barack Hussein Obama created a fairy tale of his mother dying of cancer at the hands of greedy insurance barons. Yes, I am a bit old-fashioned but I can remember when pimping one's own mother was frowned upon in some social circles. Times change, I guess.

Now, let me break some bad news to you. Your president has a few problems. In clinical terms, he isn't playing with a full deck of cards. He does not have all of his oars in the water. He is a few French Fries shy of a Happy Meal. You don't know what I am talking about? Do your own damn research. You refused to look at the man behind the curtain. Let your wizard offer you some consolation!

"Oh but I voted for Obama because I am a liberal." No. I am a liberal. You are a fascist. The LaRouchians got this one right. The president has never met an industry he does not want to control. There is no sector off-limits with this guy. He even wants your medical records. His gross preferential treatment for the politically-connected tips the sphere of influence in every aspect of American life. And the president has surrounded himself with control freaks and micro managers unified by a contempt for the average American. Liberalism is dead. Rest in peace.

"But we have always tolerated our political differences." Yes, but these are not mere political differences. We are on the cusp of totalitarianism. Economic collapse is the brightest object on the horizon. The resulting social upheaval will be dark by any standards. Bad things are ahead for America and consequently, for the whole world. I blame you.

You chose a course of conscious, intentional, willful blindness. It does not matter what evidence is presented if you refuse to examine the evidence. You were derelict of duty not just as a citizen, but as a human being as well.

You put your party before your country. Your mind is so twisted with hate for conservatives or Christians, or Republicans, or Tea Partiers or anyone who does not validate your prejudices, that you are willing to destroy your country to spite your enemies.

I think I might have lived too long. All over the world, America's enemies celebrate Obama's victory. Obama won. USA lost. I am leaving Facebook because I can't stand to see my own family cheer the demise of our country. I can't stand to see my own friends spike the football in America's end zone. I wish I had not seen this day.

Bye bye friends.

Let us hope for change.