Friday, November 9, 2012

To Be Taken With A Grain of Salt But Certainly More Fact-Based Than The Romney Smears


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Romney Can't Relate To Me Because He's Rich Department

Mr. President, It Is Now Safe To Exit The Closet

Breaking News: Obama Rolls Out Hillary's Replacement



I am still trying to make sense of yesterday's elections. If you had said that Obama would receive 4 million fewer votes now than in 2008 and still win, I would question your sanity. But that's what happened.

Two things of which I am certain: 1. Negative ads work. If the GOP is to survive, they have to get in the sewer with their rivals. 2. TV is still king and the Dems control TV. Newspapers and magazines have lost their clout but TV is still king, even amongst the Youtube crowd. If anything, it has gained stature by Youtube replays and more importantly, the politicization of the entertainment divisions. We can expound on both of those but for now, let's focus on those things that don't explain themselves so easily.

1. Dick Morris is a dumbass. OK, he wasn't the only "expert" who missed this one. Wayne Allen Root, Karl Rove, Michael Barone...Nate Silver carried the day his explanation is lacking.

2. Obama's ground game was greatly overstated. Yes, it was good enough to win but if you lose 4 million voters, how great can it be? I think this is what Nate Silver was alluding to.

3. The female voter carried the day. I guess I should check my premises on this one. Abortion somehow become a central issue. I remember reading or hearing somewhere long ago that women on average opposed abortion in higher percentages than men. Maybe that was wrong.
I also remember reading that women are more likely to vote for a man than for a woman. The harshest resistance to Palin and Bachmann came from women both inside and outside their party. In New Hampshire, three seemingly weak female candidates defeated three so so males, two of whom were incumbents and had beaten the same women in 2008. New Hampshire elected two females to Congress and one to governor.
I recognize that single women vote differently than married women and single mothers vote overwhelmingly Democratic. Is that the demographic we need to target? I hope not.

4. The GOP's efforts to diversify are noble but ultimately futile. Both Allen West and Mia Love lost. These were not just token black candidates, they were both touted as rising stars.

5. Religion just isn't what it used to be. Ralph Reed failed to get out the vote. The Bishop of the New Hampshire Diocese instructed his priests to read a "vote your conscience" letter from the pulpit on the Sunday before the election. It did no good. I thought the Dems shouting down God at their convention might resonate on election day. Nope.

6. The NRA ain't what it used to be. Obama hates guns and he could stack the deck on the Supreme Court to overturn the Second Amendment.

7. I am reluctant to believe that Hurricane Sandy was a game changer. I believe in the stupification of America but most people know a photo op when they see one. Maybe not.

8. How valuable is military service to a political career? In 2008 I talked to a lot of Obots and I was shocked at how little McCain's war hero status meant to them. They sneered and mocked him for his service. Some conservatives disliked Mitt because he did not serve nor did any of his five sons. So it still means something, right? Well, Allen West was defeated by a nobody. So, maybe not.

9. So if God and guns and prosperity no longer matter, what does matter? I suppose celebrity endorsements matter (that is so sad to me) but did Gaga involve herself in the Senate elections in Montana and North Dakota? And if the GOP is so damn popular with white people why can they not win those states?

Help and comments would be appreciated.

My Facebook Goodbye

I couldn't stand to see my family and friends spike the football in the USA's end zone, so I left Facebook. Yes, I did view this as the Dems vs. America and of course, America lost. As mentioned in a post long ago I had a greater sense of defeat following last year's Super Bowl. This really was more like watching a friend drink himself to death.

We lost and the high rollers and office holders won but I don't see this as a victory for your average Democrat. They also lost but they just don't know it yet. After the results were declared I sent off a "Rest In Peace, America" on Facebook. It got a couple of likes and a scolding from a woman I used to work with (put on your big boy pants and move on.) I had written a long, embittered screed that I wisely did not post. I will edit it and post it here later. Here is my Facebook goodbye.

I will be closing this account later today. America is in debt $100k per taxpayer ($50,000 per person) on target to become $150k per taxpayer in just four years. We do not grasp the enormity of the situation. Instead, we hit the snooze alarm and pat ourselves on the backs for being so open minded. The economic and social consequences are dire but we do have a right to ignore them and I respect your right to do so. If I stick around, I will get caught up in flame wars and that won't serve anyone. America needs to wake up but it's not my job to wake you up. Enjoy your hope and change.

A little sarcastic maybe but in context to with the stuff posted by Obots, it was pretty tame. I don't think I will be missed at Facebook.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kicking Off The New Spirit of Civility


What I Learned Today

Today I learned of the incredible power of negative politics. It works! Today I saw Mitt Romney, an incredibly decent man lose to the sleaziest politician America has ever produced.

Mitt Romney did an excellent Reagan imitation. Speak the truth politely and let the people decide. The high road was no match for the gutter. Obama, one of the worst two or three presidents in US history, launched a quarter million dollar character assassination against Mitt Romney. It worked. It worked absurdly well.

The fact that the character assassination was based on lies means absolutely nothing to the voter. Nothing at all. They said Romney was a murderer. Lie. They said Romney was a felon. Lie. They said Romney was a tax cheat. Lie. They said Romney was a misogynist. Lie. Now let's face the truth. It is strategically advantageous to lie.

The Reagan model does not hold up in the Springer era. Truth is silly putty and we better get used to it. The Republicans have been aping Ronald Reagan for much too long. If they ever get serious about winning, they will mimic Barack Hussein Obama.

There will be no lies at this blog because I respect the reader more than Obama respects the voter. But we will be less genteel in the future. Hope and change.

My 1162nd Post

This blog has been fun but it's also been a job. If the MSM did their job, I would not have to blog. No doubt, a lot of people feel that way.

If Obama wins, I have something prepared. If he loses (please please please) I will feel tremendous relief. I have no idea what I will do in the blogosphere after that.

I am spent. The move, the storm and the election have drained me. Not much left for blogging.

Let us hope I can find a new avocation. Let's hope Romney wins.

Win Or Lose, Barack Obama Will Damage The Democratic Party For a Long Time To Come

I am really working on the deadline on this baby.

It's hard to believe that the New England states were red states forty years ago. Richard Nixon turned them blue. People were so disgusted with Nixon's scandals, particularly Watergate, that in 1974, they sent 49 Democratic Congressmen and 5 Democratic Senators to Washington. The Class of 1974 were christened The Watergate Babies and some of them are still serving in Congress. Patrick Leahy, Henry Waxman and Tom Harkin are all Watergate Babies.

It should be pointed out that it was not just scandal that brought Nixon down. Oil shortages, inflation, the Middle East and Vietnam contributed to his demise. But it was the multiple scandals now referred to as Watergate that drove Tricky Dick out of town. The public would not tolerate both ineptitude and dishonor. People voted Democratic out of disgust and that party still holds power in places like New York and California.

From a Democratic perspective, they might be better off if Obama loses. Benghazi and Fast and Furious will fill the news cycle. MF Global might make a return appearance if state's attorneys general get involved. And there are always campaign contributions and World News Daily and Kevin Dujan sorts of stuff.

These scandals could be as dripping faucets to a sitting president. And our beloved leader has never shown much interest in averting an economic calamity. News flash: The Middle East is still a powder keg.

If Obama loses, the finger pointing will begin. 2010 will be dredged up. So too, will the Wisconsin Recall. But defeat will close a chapter the Democrats might want to forget.

Guess we will no more in a couple of hours.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's a Jonestown Thing. You Wouldn't Understand

I am perplexed. I was miffed at Obama's popularity in 2008 but I thought his fan base would jump ship following a disatrous first term. He is one of the very worst presidents--and when the dust clears he might yet be the worst president--in US history and the Kool-Aid just keeps on flowing.

Obama doubled gas prices once and he will probably do it again. He is no friend of the dollar and unemployment remains at depression levels. And yet, he has his loyal followers. And his personality...The so called quips about bayonets and battleships that came across like a ten year old saying "so's your mother." "Romnesia." "You didn't build that." And my personal favorite: the pimping of his mother's memory to advance his own political agenda. Of the 39 discovered fabrications in his first biography, none make me bristle like the lie that his mother died at the hands of greedy insurance companies. Liar!

Maybe someday a loyal Obama follower will share their inside information about what makes their deity so appealing. But I still won't understand. I have been living in "The Twilight Zone" for four years trying to figure out why otherwise rational people can follow an empty suit over a cliff. Maybe it's just a Jonestown thing. In that case, I wouldn't understand.