Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Trifecta

So I walked into the Stratham, New Hampshire Romney field office and everyone was just standing around. No one was working the phones. I look across the room and I see Senator John Thune (R-SD.) Standing ten feet away was Senator Kelly Ayotte. In the same room was Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA.)

I arrived a little bit late for handshakes and photos but I did get to see these three up-and-comers. It was good.

I made 123 phone calls and talked to 46 people. Even with the pre-selected Romney supporters, there were a lot of annoyed call recipients. I put in about a four hour day. I know some people talk on the phone for eight hours/day but I found the process tiring. Four hours of annoying people is long enough.

Friday, November 2, 2012

View From New Hampshire

Excuses. Excuses. Yeah I was going to be more active this election. But moving about killed me. We broke, misplaced and lost stuff during the move, including cash. We held off steam cleaning rugs and furniture damaged in storage or during the move because we thought we would eventually find the steam cleaner attachments. We did not find the attachments and we found out it was almost as cheap to buy a new steam cleaner as to order the replacement parts from Shark.

With most of our possessions in boxes and bins, we were hit by Hurricane Sandy. That was a storm, my friend. We don't have too many trees close to the house but this storm launched a branch like a spear that punctured to roof and ceiling. We also lost power for six hours.

Nothing compared to what the people in New York and New Jersey face but it did change my priorities. Today, I would finally find an hour to visit Romney headquarters and work the phones. I dialed a couple of dozen numbers and mostly I left messages on answering machines. I talked to exactly one person who informed me she was voting for Obama.

There were perhaps a dozen people in the office about half of whom were working the phones. I chatted briefly with a couple of people and they seemed nervous. Each conversation was like talking to myself. We are miffed at Obama's appeal, especially in the wake of his disatrous job performance. We are puzzled about our family members who practice deliberate, intentional, willful blindness and proudly announce that they NEVER watch Fox News or listen to talk radio. We are scared about the ramifications of the stupification of America. We are scared of what America will be after four years of the most corrupt administration in US history.

I hope to swing by the Stratham office again tomorrow. Win or lose, I will feel at peace that I tried to stem the tide of fascism. I will try.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Win or Lose, Obama Will Change Our Political Assumptions For Years To Come.

Conventional wisdom has long held that a politician can be corrupt or incompetent but he can't be both. The Chicago Machine might be Exhibit A of corrupt but competent. Whatever else we might say about those thugs, they can plow snow and pick up trash. No problem there.

Exhibit A of the honest but incompetent might be Joe Biden. He might come across as the fun-loving drunk who stopped being fun two hours ago, but Joe has never been linked to a serious scandal. Yes, there was the plagiarism thing, but his hands have stayed out of the cookie jar. Biden is guilty of outbursts of when he tells the world that the middle class has been buried for the past four years. Say what you may about this guy, he does not have a dark cloud of scandal following him around.

Clinton survived his scandal because he kept the wheels of production rolling. Nixon on the other hand, looked dirtier with every oil shortage, every price increase, and every foreign policy boondoggle. Clinton was competent but dishonest. Nixon was incompetent and dishonest.

The fact that Obama is still in the game at this stage of a disastrous four years tells us that we have undergone a shift. Can anyone defend Obama's record? Anyone? Binders and bayonets and Big Bird and a quarter billion dollar character assassination have served as successful distractions from a dismal job performance. I believe Richard Nixon was the worst president in US history. Give Obame a second term and he will knock Tricky Dick off his pedestal.

We do need to distinguish between Obama's duplicity and his corruption bona fides. Both are testaments to his dishonesty but duplicity is not necessarily indictable. For brevity, let's focus on the overt corruption.

Before his presidential campaign we had a shady Rezko real estate deal and Michelle receiving $300, 000 for a no-show job. Let's skip over his anti-transparent background and the undisclosed benefactor who footed the bill for Obama's education. Yes, it is pertinent that a man of humble means spent a six-figure sum to complete his education but did not reveal college loans in any of his financial filings (even though his wife said they had paid off student loans.)

The 2008 Democratic Primary was marred by blatant cheating right from the onset. Chicago thugs moved to Iowa and tiltted the caucus is Obama's favor. Caucusgate had begun. See the previous posts to Caucusgate at thisd site.

With Hillary crushed, the Obama Campaign used shady (read illegal) financing to crush John McCain. They would have won without stuffing the ballot boxes but Wikileaks revealed that the Obama campaign padded their numbers in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Got to keep the skills sharp.

The Obama Presidency was marred by scandal from the starting gun. The GM bancruptcy that deviated from law to benefit the UAW at the expense of the non-union Saturn workers. The Chrysler reorganization also seemed to benefit the politically-connected dealers over the unsanctioned dealerships.

There was Solyndra and other green energy fiascos. There was the ongoing funneling of money to General Electric in the form of government contracts (perfectly legal by the way) in exchange for promoting a 24 hour cable attack network that would spew truth, half-truth and lies to destroy political enemies. The stimulus dollars seemed to gravitate to Obama supporters.

Then there was Fast and Furious, the MF Global cover-up, the IRS harrassment of opposition groups, the DOJ harrassment of Romney donors, the DOJ intimidation of Gallup Polling and of course, there was the bump in the road in Benghazi.

The above is a brief summary of Obama scandal. If we factor in things like deleting California from unemployment statistics, we would have to write a large book to cover all of the chicanery. This is a corrupt administration fronted by a corrupt man.

Obama might still pull off this election. Does anyone doubt that he will flood battleground states non-citizens or citizens of other states? The Chicago Mob has a lot of other tricks at their disposal. Early voters in Nevada are already reporting fraud. Key battleground states might be tilted by the thumb on the scale.

Regardless of outcome, a political maxim will be put to rest. Obama has proved that one can be both corrupt and incompetent and still be a viable political player. Yes Barry, you can have it all.