Saturday, October 6, 2012

At Least We Don't Have To Worry About Them Entering The Workforce!

OK, I'll admit it. I was pretty damned stupid-looking in my youth. That's because I was stupid. So were my friends. Real stupid. Real, real stupid. Real, real, real stupid.

But we had some sort of safety net of common sense that protected us from hitting the depths that these morons have hit. One thing missing from my youth was a celebrity cult leader. Yes we had Jim Jones and Sun Yung Moon and some more forgettable figures. They harvested desperate souls and lonely hearts but the media kept these megalomaniacs in check.

Barack Obama is the first media-sanctioned cult leader. I sometimes wonder if we had a cult leader in my youth who enjoyed favorable media saturation, if we would have fallen for his silliness? I genuinely believe my generation would not have been so vulnerable. The contrarian spirit was alive and well and we still railed against "conformity" and other perceived threats to individuality, or in my particular case, threats to individualism. "Follow The Leader" was not a popular activity nor a popular sentiment.

The unfairness of life. Elephants are slaughtered for their tusks because fools believe they contain aphrodisical properties. Girls are still subjected to institutionalized genital mutilation. In other parts of the world baby girls are euthanized. Christians and Jews are murdered for being Christians and Jews. And Barry can't use his teleprompter!

 Oh the humanity!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Who Votes For Obama?

We can lump our nto five categories:

1. Pocketbook Special Interests.
2. The Haters.
3. Low Information Electors.
4. Extra-Low Information Electors.
5. Cheaters.

Let's examine them individually. The pocket book special interests are a diverse group that is getting larger and more diverse. This group used to be composed of lawyers, public school teachers, bureaucrats and welfare recipients. Obama and company have expanded the welfare state to where they can buy votes with free cell phone service.

I don't see us making inroads with special interest groups. They don't care if their greed causes national bankruptcy or that our ambassador and three other Americans get murdered or that gas prices will continue to spiral upwards. As long as they keep getting paid, they don't care about trivialities.

The Haters. This is not your father's Democratic Party. Today's Democrats know and practice hate as no one else can. They don't have a monopoly on hate but they are better at it than anyone else. Practice. Practice. Practice.

The Democrats spent $250 million to slander Mitt Romney. Truth means absolutely nothing to these people. Nada. Romney the tax cheat. Romney the felon. Romney the wife killer. Before Romney, it was Sarah Palin. Before that it was George Bush. It is slash and burn all the time, truth be damned.

A fundamental difference between the Democrats and Republicans: Republicans (and conservatives and tea partiers and Evangelicals) view their party as a vehicle to protect and serve America. Democrats view America as a vehicle to protect and serve their party.

Despite their crippled thinking and political fundamentalism, these people are vulnerable to conversion. But truth seeking is not in their DNA. The True Believer can jump from one rigid ideology to another rigid ideology with surprising swiftness. Today's Occupier is tomorrow's Mooney/LaRoucheian/Scientologist. But until that fateful conversion arrives, these people will be voting for Barack Obama.

Which brings us to the LIE's. The Low Information Electors are intellectually lazy. They want to be spoon-fed their opinions by CBS, ABC, NBC, AP, NYT, NPR, etc. If they discuss The national debt or tax policy they will shy away from numbers but reflexively parrot slogans about millionaires and billionaires not paying their fair share. They are not curious about the non-mythical Obama and equate any vetting of the chosen one with birtherism. 

Fast and Furious? Fast and Furious coverup? Caucusgate? Widespread voter fraud? Warren Buffet's tax problem? MF Global? DOJ abuses of power? IRS abuses of power? A sixteen trillion dollar debt that will balloon to twenty-five trillion dollars in four years if we continue our present course? If it's not on the menu, LIE's are not interested.

LIE's value media orthodoxy and will flaunt their own conformity to fourth estate viewpoints. They seek comfort and validation in their orthodox opinions. There are advantages to sloth. There are advantages to being the recipient of spoon-fed Pablum. As long as the LIE's do not tire of Pablum, they will be voting for Obama.

We are also opposed by ELIE's or Extra Low Information Electors. These people get their news third hand from Perez Hilton, John Stewart, Planet Hollywood, MTV or "Saturday Night Live." As with the LIE's, these people are stupid by choice but they are not self-conscious about it. ELIE's don't need the pseudo-sophistication the LIE's constantly seek.

ELIE's usually don't vote but they turned out in record numbers to vote for Obama in 2008. If it rains on election day, they will stay home. If Bravo runs a Real Housewives marathon, Obama might be in real trouble. This group cannot be counted on to vote but if they do, they will vote for Obama.

The fifth and final group to contend with are the cheaters. From out of state college students who vote both locally and at home, to illegal immigrants and major city occupants who exercise their civic duties post-humously, voter fraud was a big part of the Obama 2008 playbook, especially in the primaries.Wikileaks revealed that The Dems stuffed ballot boxes in Pennsylvania and Ohio in 2008 even with the race well in hand (for some reason "The New York Times" did not see the need to explore that leak.)

I don't mind suppressing the votes of the cheaters. If America is to survive, and I no longer make that assumption, we have to address voter fraud in a serious manner. Sad but true, the cheaters might be the key swing vote in 2012. 

To review, Obama supporters can be placed in five categories:

1. Pocketbook Special Interests.
2. The Haters.
3. Low Information Electors.
4. Extra-Low Information Electors.
5. Cheaters.

We know how these groups will vote. Turnout is the key. More specifically, what will the willfully stupid and the cheaters do on election day? The solvency, if not the survival of America is in their hands. That is a sobering thought.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Great Debate: Audio vs. Video

I work most nights so I miss a lot of prime time programming. Thus, I experience a lot of events on radio on the long ride home. That was the case with convention speeches and now with the debate. The pundits all chirped about how great Romney performed.

When I got home and finally settled in, I put the debate on Youtube as I multi-tasked on my Lenovo. Experiencing the debate in audio, I did not get the impression that it was all that lopsided. It sounded like both candidates were advancing their talking points. Romney's talking points are not quite as hackneyed or tired or worn out as Obama's but still, they came across as talking points. Obama came across as well, Obama. Nothing to stir one's pulse but nothing to make the faithful jump ship either.

Watching the video did change my perspective. Romney's attack was labeled "aggressive diplomacy" by an anonymous radio caller. It was unendingly polite yet confrontational. Romney did what journalists used to do.

Obama on the other hand, appeared defeated. I believe Obama has a hard time selling his economic policies because he does not fully believe in them. He might believe in them in a dogmatic/doctrinaire kind of way but he knows that the country pays a price for his version of economic justice.

No president has ever been so pampered and in the end the fawning media might have done him a disservice. Of all the many images of Obama we have endured over the years, the prolonged staring downward as he was so courteously eviscerated might ultimately be the image by which he is best remembered. Without the sycophantic journalists, the Kool-Aid drinkers, the fainting women and the trusty teleprompter, the emperor looked a bit underdressed.

This was Romney's night.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

No Sign Is A Bad Sign For Obama

I tweeted about this but the 140 character limit sometimes makes it difficult to express precisely what you mean. Anyway, this afternoon I was driving through the streets of Exeter to neighboring Stratham where I would ultimately perform grocery shopping. Yard signs are plentiful. A bountiful harvest this year.

I noticed a trend. There are a lot of Democratic yard signs, that is signs with their party's nominee on display. Conspicuosly absent from the arrangements is the presidential candidate. There are signs for The Dems' gubernatorial candidate, their congressional candidate, their state house candidates and their local candidates. I don't know if there is even one Obama yard sign anywhere in town.

I started counting yards that had Democratic signs but no Obama sign. I took a different route home from Market Basket so as to not count any yard twice. 31! Thirty one yards that contained at least one Dem sign but no Obama sign. I thought I had seen an Obama sign before I started my count but I am not certain about that.

Granted my survey was not even a little bit scientific. The Dem gubernatorial candidate lives in Exeter so one might expect to see quite a few Hassan signs standing by themselves. But 31-0? That is not coincidence.

I was not counting Romney yards but there were at least a dozen on the route I took. It was possibly two dozen. Exeter tends to be a Democratic town, largely dominated by Phillips Exeter Academy. But if yard signs could vote, Romney would win by a landslide and possibly pitch a shutout.

One has to suspect that the Dems' internal polling might show something a little different from CBS's prognosticators. Word is out: distance yourself from the pariah. Reading between the signs, one can surmise that the incumbent faces an uphill battle in the Granite State.

The Case For Optimism: Part I

The Case For Optimism: Part I

We have lived in "The Twilight Zone" for over four years. We have been lied to in a systematic way such as humanity has never before seen. Big Brother has grown more sophisticated over the years. So too, The Ministry of Truth.

A topic worth exploring after the election is the effect of large scale systematic misinformation on physical and mental health. But that topic will have to wait. Let's examine mind control as it is currently being inflicted.

So the polls show us that Obama will win in a landslide? How can that be? You have to read between the lines. If you cannot read between the lines, you are illiterate.

Right Track/Wrong Track Polling still suggests widespread dissatisfaction with the way America is being run. Right Track received a suspicious bump after Bill Clinton's election speech viewed by maybe twenty million mostly Democratic viewers. But when you have a 40% differential in August, there is room for improvement.

Other trends portend bad news for Team Obama as well. Registered Republicans are on the increase. Registered Democrats are on the decline. The Minsistry of Truth can influence a lot of surveys but they cannot yet influence every poll. Dig a little deeper into the polling and you will find quite a few issues--especailly the economy--where the public trusts Romney more than Obama.

There are two broad cases for optimism:

1. The Romney ground game.

2. Obama's overstated popularity.

Let us examine the second topic first and we will examine the first topic in the near future.

Obama won the Democratic Primary in 2008 largely by cheating. Sad but true. He then faced a withered John McCain powered by the grossly-incompetent Steven Schmidt. Yes We Can!

Obama's popularity peaked on Inauguration Day. There would later be a joke that US skier Lindsey Vonn had been stripped of her gold medal when it was learned that Obama went downhill faster than she did.

 Obama rose to power in the midst of a financial crisis that was exacerbated by a gargantuan national debt. Obama's solution was to add more debt and to do so with expenditures of extremely dubious merit. The infamous stimulus bill was loaded with political pork destined for mismanaged blue states. This would be followed by the silliest, most conspicuoulsy wealth-destroying program in US History, Cash For Clunkers.

Obama's numbers slid and Tea Party protests flourished. If Obama had been a leader, he would have talked to the Tea Party protesters. Instead, he ridiculed them and a protest would morph into a political movement. If you dislike the Tea Party, blame Obama for its inception. It would not have happened without his snide remarks.

Obama's numbers would slide even further when in the Summer of 2009, he would call the Cambridge, Massachusetts Police stupid for arresting a friend of his. His approval ratings have never recovered.

Fast forward to the New Jersey gubernatorial race in 2009. Incumbent John Corzine, one of the wealthiest men to ever hold public office and a spendthrift when it came to buying elections squared off against an obese Federal Prosecutor whose only elected office was, drum roll please.... he
was in 1994 elected as a Republican to the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders. (Wikipedia.)

Corzine kicked in $22.6 million from his own wallet. This amount was double his oppponent's total war chest. As of mid-September Corzine had over three times the number of TV spots as his Republican opponent.

Let us summarize Corzine's advantages:

1. Incumbency.

2. Political experience. Corzine had previously served as Senator from New Jersey. He has politcal affiliations, name recognition, political patronage working against...a former member of Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders, whatever that might be.

3. New Jersey is a Blue State with a powerful Democratic machine.

4. Deep, deep pockets.

And yet, the mortally obese, former Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders solon was cleaning his clock. But the Governor had an ace in the hole he had yet to play. The eminent and ever-popular President Obama would jet to New Jersey to save the day. Yes We Can!

We know how this story ends. Far from closing the deal, Obama might have actually helped Christie get elected. Ten months after inauguration, the rock star had become a pariah. Chris Christie would rise to national prominence and John Corzine would devote himself to white collar crime, a pursuit that so far has served him well.

Meanwhile in Virginia Republican Bob McConnell carried 58% of the vote to defeat Democrat Craig Deeds. Obama carried the state the year before and campaigned for Deeds. It did no good. The bloom was off the rose.

In 2010, Republican Scott Brown won a special election in Massachusetts to win the Senate seat long occuppied by Ted Kennedy. President Obama campaigned for Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley. Even in this dark blue state, Obama could not close the deal. He might as well have stayed home.

And of course, there were the historic 2010 elections largely viewed as a referendum on Obama. One could make the case that Obama was not an active player in the 2010 elections. That is because most Democrats did not want to be seen with him. He was asked by his own party to stay in Washington. Obama's approval ratings have not changed much since then. On a given day, they are worse.

I heard one pundit state that gaining the governor's office is worth five points in a presidential election. The GOP picked up six governorships in 2010 including some key battleground states.

Finally, let us recall The Recall. Despite a collossal media blitz, union money and probable voter fraud, Scott Walker survived a 2012 gubernatorial recall effort. Did Barack try to help the losing cause? No. He was asked to keep his distance. That wasn't even five months ago.

Note: Bill Clinton did make an appearance at the Wisconsin Recall much as he did at the DNC. He did not influence the first election and I doubt that he influences the second one either.

To review, Obama is the Anti-Midas. His touch turns gold into garbage. He has lost a lot of political capital since 2008 and his personal image has not improved either. In 2008 we did not know that Obama was petty and vicious and mean. We know it now. Two jets on a family vacation. Relatives who live in poverty. A nephew who faced a life-threatening situation with no help from his uncle. On and on and on. We know this guy now and that is not to Obama's advantage.

I for one, look forward to November.