Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Obama Halo Video


Axelrod vs. Gallup

Are there any true liberals left? A true liberal would spit out their Kool-Aid when the Feds passed a secretive health care bill. If they learned what's in the bill that would create 16,000 new IRS agents but zero doctors, a true liberal would put his finger down his throat to purge the Jonestown brew. If a true liberal learned that the Obama Administration used the IRS to harrass nascent political organizations, a true liberal would sever loyalties to the Chicago mob forever. If a true liberal learned that the Obama DOJ tried to intimidate Romney donors, they would denounce the most corrupt administration since Nixon's band of crooks (and when all is said and done, Tricky Dick might look good in comparison.)

Now we learn that pollsters are not immune from the thug-in-chief's henchmen.
Not content to control 90+ per cent of media coverage, Axelrod is trying hard to get the pollsters to fall in line. This is scary stuff.

For better or worse, Pollsters are a part of our political process. A candidate with bad numbers cannot raise funds. An unpopular candidate can still rake in the dough if his numbers are inflated. It is highly unethical, immoral and an abuse of power for the White House/DOJ to intimidate third party pollsters.

Can free elections survive Axelrod and Obama? Guess we will find out.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Caddell and Schoen: Romney is Being Outspent in Battleground States

Flipping through the dial on Sunday, I saw Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen discussing the ineptitude of the Romney campaign on Fox News. An interesting revelation: despite having deeper pockets, Romney is being outspent in the battleground states. Specifically, he is being outspent on television spots.

Does anyone in the Romney campaign have a calendar?

They Don't Make September Surprises Like They Used To

Mitt Milquetoast pointed out the obvious and the media are doing all they can to make this the story de jure, if not the story of the week. But this is a nonscandal. Many of us are on the sidelines saying "Go Mitt." The Obamamedia can bicker about the details but the gist of his comments are something everyone with a brain will agree with. The takers have outnumbered the providers and that is no accident.

We are seeing the Cloward-Piven strategy in play. America has been brought to her knees by insiders who hate their country. Romney spoke the truth and this is supposably scandal.

This September Surprise might backfire. This could be a rallying point for people who don't think Romney is conservative enough or tough enough. Got any more dirt?

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Post That Became The Alcatraz Around My Neck

Channelling Mayor Thomas Menino today. You know him. He's a bit conspicuous with that Alcatraz around his neck. Sad but true, this figure of speech will follow His Honor's memory longer than his lifetime of public service to do City of Boston.

I tried once more to post something written and submitted to websites in 2007. Charts and tables on Blogger make this exercise an Alcatraz...let's just say it is time consuming.

First, I will take partial credit for the update from the 2007 version. Here goes.

I trust exactly two pollsters: Zogby and Rasmussen. Of the two, Rasmussen is more accurate and I have to question Zogby's integrity. As far as I know, Zogby has never doctored numbers but there was the Zeigler incident.

Shortly after the 2008 election, Filmmaker John Ziegler released "Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted." One of the premises of Ziegler's video is that the low-information voter carried the day for Obama. Yes, they were well-informed about which candidate had a daughter who had delivered a baby out of wedlock. But 57% of Obama voters were unaware that the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress on election day. To confirm what everyone knew--that Obama's supporters were ignorant of basic facts--Ziegler hired Zogby to poll McCain and Obama supporters.

Zogby suffered blowback from the Dems. He was threatened with a party boycott if he worked with Ziegler again. So just how much credibility does Zogby have?

Rasmussen's polls have me wondering if someone has dirty pictures of Scott. "Right Track" suddenly jumps fifty per cent and suddenly the consistent 3:2 repeal health vanishes. More than convention bounce if you ask me. So even my two favorite pollsters are viewed with a lens of suspicion. But they are still far and away better than the field.

I might actually finish this post but in the meantime, I refer you to two sites. The first is, a website that cannot recognize parentheses and apostrophes.

Because the presentation is so awful with all of those silly special characters floating around, I submit a second site for the primary data.

If you are not put off by special characters or jumping from site to site, please connect the dots. In any event, I will summarize the results. In the 2004 Democratic Primaries, the pollsters were not even close. One poll had John Kerry collecting 7% of the vote three weeks before the New Hampshire Primary. This survey was not atypical by any means.

Point is, polls can be discouraging. They can even be demoralizing. They can also be used to procure donations for a floundering candidate. But the science of polling has a long way to go.

Is there a Jeremiah in the house?  Not now, there isn't.